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A Complete Guide for Couples to Pack an Amazing Picnic

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Going on a picnic with your partner is a fantastic way to enjoy your love. Witnessing nature with someone special will take you to the old-world romance. Take her on a romantic picnic date and add a pinch of fun, excitement, and relaxation to your intimate bond. 

 When exploring picnic ideas for couples, several questions may pop up in your mind, i.e., What to bring on the picnic? What’s the best romantic place for a picnic? What activities will let you add a romantic touch to the picnic?

And here we come to rescue you. We have a complete guide for couples going out for a picnic. This guide will answer all your queries and let you plan a perfect romantic picnic date.

What To Bring on A Picnic Date?

There are some essentials that you should never forget to bring with you on a romantic picnic date. However, you may forget some important things in excitement. So here is a checklist for you. Go through the list and gather all these essential items before going on a picnic with your loved one.

Picnic basket

You will need a picnic basket to pack all your stuff. Make sure to take an appropriate-sized basket that is enough for two. Go with the insulated one to keep your food and drinks fresh.


Giving a cozy vibe to your partner is one of the best picnic ideas for couples. So make sure to take a waterproof blanket that is large enough for two. Cushions, along with the blanket, will give you more comfort.  

Glass and cooler

Take shatterproof glasses to avoid any fuss at the last moment. And cooler is a must, especially if you are planning a picnic date in summer.

Cutting board

You will need it when cutting foodstuff. Play smart and take a fancy cutting board that you can use as a serving tray.


What if nature showers a cascade of love in the form of rain on the love birds at the picnic? Be prepared and take an umbrella with you.


Romance is incomplete without flowers. So take some fresh flowers with you. Make a bunch and place them on your table. It’s a great tactic to create a romantic environment even at the dinner table.

Food & fruit

Set the menu according to your taste. Edibles should include fresh fruits to give you a nourished feel. Just make sure that you are taking with you the food that you can handle. One simple rule is that it should be easy to carry and digest. For instance, sandwiches and finger foods will never cause a mess in your luggage. Therefore, they make a good choice for a picnic date.

Cutlery and napkins

Take napkins to maintain a clean environment at the picnic. And don’t forget to pack the required cutlery. Spoon, plates, knives, forks, and anything you need while eating. Prefer using disposable stuff so you won’t have to fear the shattering of your cutlery pieces.


When exploring picnic ideas for couples, take care of yourselves. Take sunscreen to protect your skin from sun rays and enjoy the day to the fullest.


It’s all up to you how much you want to decorate the space. Flowers, lighting, and other decorative items can help you in this regard. Take whatever you want and whatever you love.

Trash bags

Keep in mind the worth of natural beauty. Don’t let the garbage spoil the scenery you have enjoyed at the picnic spot. The need for trash bags to pack the stuff and leave the place clean and tidy comes.

Where to go? -Six Romantic Picnic place for Couples

There are a lot of romantic spots where you can go for a picnic. Choose the one that aligns with your loved one’s dream destination. Here are a few options for you to choose from.

Local Park

A local park portraying the scenic beauty will make a great picnic location for couples. Take your essentials and create the coziest picnic environment at the park. Walking together in the grassy park will give you a whole vibe of dwelling in the valley of love.


A vineyard or a lush green yard is a great choice to enjoy a blissful time with your partner. Paint your fairytale memories in a dreamy yard with the love of your life.

Sunset spot

Witness the miracles of the sky changing colors from orange to pink and blues with your love. Take her to a sunset spot for a picnic and fall in love with each other and nature.


A cool mountain breeze is enough to let you wrap yourselves in the blanket. And this is what makes the mountain area the best place for a picnic date.

Lake view

A lake view will enhance your lovely emotions at the picnic. The soothing sound of water and the swans and ducks in the lake will present you with an adorable scene.


Don’t like to travel to a location? No worries! Step into your backyard and make it your picnic spot. The peeping sunlight will enrich your relationship with worth remembering memories.

Once you have chosen the location, it’s better to check the weather forecast for that place. Don’t let the thunderstorms ruin your plans. If the place is pretty close, then pay a visit to check whether it’s meeting your expectations or not.

And don’t forget to book your slot if you want an undisturbed and calm picnic date. It’s better to plan things rather than put them at the eleventh hour to avoid regrets.  

What to do? -Picnic Date Activities

A picnic is an amazing way to spend some quality time with the loveliest person in your life. It’s the time to take a break, forget your responsibilities, and relax. But sometimes, couples may get confused about what to do in this leisure time. So here you go with a few relaxing picnic date activities for you.

Board game

Games are a fun way to come closer to each other. And board games rank on the list when comes to the best games. Scrabble, ludo, or any other one. You will find excitement and relaxation in these games. On the board, far from technology. It will surely cherish you.  


Time will pass, but the memories will stay forever. So don’t forget to have a wonderful photoshoot on your picnic date. It’s about making lovely poses and capturing your love in a picture. 


Take the best wine flight with your love at a wine station. Test the vines and leave a beautiful note with each taste. This activity will let you enjoy the tasty wine and sprinkle romance on the drinks.

Plan the movie night

End the day on a lovely note by watching a movie. For this, you will need a portable projector. The tent wall will make a perfect relaxing place for the movie. Choose a movie with a picnic theme to add more fun to this amazing activity.

Paint on the canvass

If you know the art of painting, it’s the right time to benefit from this talent. Take a canvas with you, get ready to play with colors, and have fun. Paint each other’s sketch, or the scenic beauty of the park, or anything you want. It’s all about having fun.

Sing a song

Singing a song to praise your love is lovely. Isn’t it? It’s another romantic act that will make your picnic date worth remembering. Cute little things make up great memories. No matter whether you are a professional singer or not, a song of love will be enough to impress her.

Read the poetry

It’s time to deliver the unsaid feelings to each other. If you are short of words, take the help from poetry. Adding a poetic touch to your picnic date will be one of the incredible picnic ideas for couples. Read out loud your favorite poem and create a literary yet mystic vibe.


We are living in a world of hustle and bustle. Taking a break from the technologies to value your love is pretty important. Take your love on a picnic date, relieve stress, and enjoy the love in the air. Hope this guide helped you find the best picnic ideas for couples. Planning is just a bit of pre-preparation. The rest of the thing is to be yourself and relax. Best of luck with a happy picnicking!

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