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Planning an Elephant Themed Baby Shower from Start to Finish

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Hosting an elephant-themed baby shower is such a cute idea. The elephant-themed baby showers work for both genders and even for gender neutrals. Plus, these adorable animals are fun to incorporate as the theme for the baby shower. You can bring the elephant theme to life without much effort. 

So, here is a complete guide for you to have an excellent elephant-themed baby shower. 

Elephant-themed baby shower invitations and thank you cards

The first thing for any event is the invite. The invitation lets your guests know the theme and the vibe of the event, and in this case, the baby shower. Also, you can add thank you cards on the guest tables for each guest to make them feel special. 

Therefore, for the elephant-themed baby shower, you can do a lot of cool stuff to let your guests know about the theme through the invite and thank you card.

  • Take a beautiful cut-out of the mother elephant and paste it together with the baby elephant. The elephant cut-outs will become the central piece for the invite. Then add your information about the event and decorate it with confetti and ribbons.
  • You can also cut out a mama elephant and paste your picture inside of it depicting you as the mama elephant. And for the baby, you can place a cute baby elephant next to eh trunk, cradling with the mama elephant.  
  • Another idea is to search for online invites that are ready to print. Add some stock images and send them to your guests as an invite or place them on the tables as thank you cards.
  • If you know someone good at digital illustration, ask them to make a custom mother and baby elephant for you, which you can use on the invite and the thank you card. 
  • Go to a children’s library and search for an elephant-themed book. Take inspiration from the artwork and put your skills to the test. 
  • A simple elephant-themed baby shower invites or thanks you card idea is to print out an elephant. Cut the elephant out and fill your custom text in the elephant’s body. 
  • One tip no matter what route you pick, select gray envelopes for thank you and invitation cards for being on-brand. 
  • Lastly, once you seal the envelopes, add an elephant sticker to make it extra adorable for the guests. 

Decorations for an elephant-themed baby shower

Elephant-themed baby showers are very trendy. Since they are playful and gender-neutral, moms-to-be prefer having an elephant theme baby shower. Once you have sorted out the invites and thank you cards, it’s time for the decorations. 

You can find baby shower kits that are elephant themed online or in the store. And also, don’t forget to check out your local art supplies store, where you can find balloons, pom-pom, drinking straws, etc. 

  • To begin, decide the accent color you would like to go with, gray like blue, gold, white, pastel green, etc. But make sure blue and pink hint at the gender of the baby to come. So, feel free to do whatever you prefer. The accent color is the contrasting shade that will make the gray pop more.
  • After selecting the color, pick out gray runners for all the tables at the baby shower. Decorate it with your chosen accent color to make the decor pop more. 
  • Similarly, tie ribbons on the chairs in gray and accent color.
  • Use gray and white tablecloths with hints of the accent color visible through napkins.
  • Also, use multi-textured fabrics for your tables like stripe printed fabric, gray chevron, and glittery fabric in the chosen accent color.  
  • For the food table, add gray crepe papers with shiny foil silver balloons and cut-outs of elephants stuck on the balloons. 
  • Even better, get some elephant-shaped balloons, and tie them around the venue.  
  • Grab soft elephant toys to place on each table as the centerpiece. 
  • If you want to add flowers, place an elephant cut-out next to the vase holding the flowers.
  • Place elephant-themed baby supplies like pacifiers, teething rings, and burp clothes around the venue. After the event, the mom-to-be can have it. 
  • Don’t forget to add a banner with elephant-related puns like ‘Hear the Trumpets; the Little One is On Its Way’ or ‘Small Peanut On-Board.’
  • And lastly, print out a giant elephant and place it in the event space. This will act as a message book for the guests to write their best wishes for the mom-to-be and the baby to come. Once the baby is born, you can place this as a decor piece in the baby’s nursery. 

Food for an elephant-themed baby shower

You cannot ignore the theme when discussing food for the baby shower. The cake, pies, sandwiches, cookies, whatever you have on the menu should be on theme too. No matter what treats they are, here’s how to make their elephant themed for the baby shower. 

  • To start, have a tiered cake with white vanilla frosting mixed with gray color. Top it off with an elephant toy.
  • Another idea is to have a baby elephant diaper cake with gray frosting. The cake will be shaped like any baby elephant with black details and a white diaper. 
  • Get elephant-shaped marzipans from your local bakery to decorate the cake or the dessert table. 
  • Bake shortbread cookies and cut them in the shape of an elephant. Frost the cookie with gray icing and add details with black or accent color. To pair the elephant cookies, add ribbon-shaped cookies for some variety. 
  • If you have cupcakes on the menu, frost the cupcakes with gray-colored cream cheese and place elephant-shaped marzipans on each. 
  • Cupcakes can also be placed in the shape of an elephant or elephant’s head. 
  • Have a citrusy welcome drink of your choice and call it ‘trunk punch.’
  • For sandwiches, cut out the sandwiches in the shape of an elephant and display them with an elephant illustration on the skewer. 
  • Bake elephant palmiers in the shape of elephant ears. You can make them sweet or savory. 
  • Make cheese balls in the shape of elephant faces and top them off with gray food coloring. 

Party favors for an elephant-themed baby shower

After all the above is sorted out, you must figure out the party favors. Now, here, you can let your creativity flow and you DIY things. But if going this route is a bit tiring for you at the moment, we have something special for you. We have two party favor ideas for your elephant-themed baby shower. These favors are not only elephant themed, but you will also save time and effort. Plus, these hold more profound meaning than any other party favor. 

Elephant night light

As a party favor, we have Elephant Night Light. The night light is a beautiful solid wood piece carved out mama elephant and a baby elephant. It has the elements of maternal love showcased with simplicity and care. 

This party favor is not only lightweight but has a sturdy base, so it doesn’t fall off. The best part about this is that it can hold custom text. When guests use the night light, they can read the thoughtful message too. 

Elephant birthstone necklace

Another party favor that we have is an Elephant Birthstone Necklace. The necklace is dainty and elegant, with an elephant as the pendant. On the eye of the elephant, you can have the recipient’s birthstone engraved. And on the body, you can have their name engraved. 

Present this necklace as a party favor, and it will upgrade their jewelry collection too.

Final thoughts

We have gotten everything that you need for an elephant-themed baby shower. But if you want to check out some more ideas, visit our store’s Baby Shower section or directly visit our store Callie. 

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