How to Figure Out What Ring Size You Are at Home

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Measuring yourself for a ring or finding out what size your ring needs to be. In this article, we will tell the reader how to figure out what ring size you are. So, without any further ado, let’s jump in.

What is Ring Size

What is ring size? It’s a question that always comes up, and it’s one you may have asked yourself. But what exactly is ring size?

Here’s the scoop:

● Ring size refers to the inner diameter of the band on a ring.

● The inner diameter of a ring refers to how wide or thin it is; for example, an 18mm ring will have an inner diameter of 18mm, whereas a 15mm ring will have an inner diameter of 15mm.

● The difference between sizes is usually related to width; the larger sizes tend to be wider than the smaller ones.


Circumference(mm)Diameter(mm)Ring Size(US)

How To Measure Ring Size

Measuring your ring size is easy!

1. Roll a piece of paper or string around the bottom point of the required finger.

2. Mark the position where the end of the string or paper meets the string or paper.

3. With a ruler, measure the string or paper to where you marked it in millimeters.

Tips to Measure the Ring Size

When measuring the ring size, keeping the following tips in hand is better.

● Your fingers grow and shrink throughout the day. Keep in mind that your fingers will be larger if you’re warm and smaller if you’re cold.

● Remember, your dominant hand is always larger.

● Make a point of measuring each finger separately.

● Measure both knuckles if they are larger than the base of your finger-the widest point and the bottom of your finger and choose a size that falls somewhere in the middle.

● When measuring your finger with a string or paper, don’t let it get too loose, but don’t pull it too tight. Either of these actions will distort the size of your ring.

● Measure 3 or 4 times and compare results for best results. Make sure that the sizing is correct.

● You can use an existing ring if it fits. Measure the inside diameter of that ring to determine its size.

Our Top 5 Rings You May Like

Finding the correct ring can be challenging—mainly when so many options exist! These five selections are all affordable and stylish, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank when you buy one for yourself or your partner.

1. A Star That Shines

Designed with star and cubic zirconia elements, this Star Signet Ring is a classic and elegant piece for any occasion. You can customize the star’s center with a birthstone and engrave a commemorative text on the back of the ring.

It symbolizes divine guidance and protection, so it’s a good choice for both men and women. You can wear either alone or stackable to add an extra layer of protection. Our ring is made of high-quality brass, so it’s not easy to break, change color, or entangle.

The exquisite polish technique makes every detail smooth and bright. Perfect for casual or formal occasions wearing, match your outfit perfectly! This customized ring is very suited for women, girls, and teens. A good present for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas!

2. Agreement of love & care

The Fede design is a beautiful way to show your loved one that they mean the world to you. It’s a two-handed clasp representing love and agreement or friendship and fidelity. One hand represents you, and the other hand belongs to your loved one.

There’s a birthstone hidden in the palm of the ring—you can customize it for any month! The ring is made of high-quality brass—durable, comfortable to wear, and looks great on any finger!

The Fede Ring is well-known as a promise and friendship ring. It is an ideal present for a family member, girlfriend, or best friend.

3. Let the Sun Shine Upon You

Two positive energy sources inspired these spinner rings. The sun is associated with the positive qualities of birth, harvest, prestige, and healing, and solar energy improves your mood while keeping you calm and focused.

The gemstone beneath the sun, which comes in three varieties (black agate, red agate, and blue sandstone), gives the wearer different energy. The energy contained in the stone varies depending on the type, but they are all beneficial in keeping the wearer in good standing.

Black agate – promotes prosperity and courage, clears negative energy, and balances emotions. Red agate boosts strength and power. Blue Sandstone – promotes motivation, self-assurance, and willpower.

Repeatedly spinning the ring can help you be more present, relieve stress, and keep your nerves in check. These rings are ideal for people who struggle to keep their fingers steady under pressure. They are also the best options for people who chew their nails or have trouble concentrating. The ring band can be adjusted and personalized with engraved text.

4. A perfect gift for occasions

The Celtic knot is an ancient symbol with distinct Irish characteristics. The Celtic ring represents joy, friendship, and power.

This ring is an ideal purchase for her Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and birthday gifts. It is suitable for weddings, engagements, daily wear, and any event. This ring can also be a meaningful gift for yourself.

It is neatly wrapped and comes in a lovely brand gift box. Also, It comes with two material options, three color options, and multiple birthstone options. These options mean you can choose any one of your preferences.

5. Ring of Flowers

You can select the flowers that correspond to your birth month. Each flower will bring you good fortune and wishes. The ring contains a rotatable element that assists people suffering from anxiety remain calm and distracting themselves from their worries and concerns.

High-quality stainless steel, platinum, gold, and rose gold plating, lead and nickel free, anti-allergy, and safe for sensitive skin.

This personalized birth flower ring is ideal for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, bridesmaids, graduation, wedding, engagement, best friend, mother, and sisters.

Take away

Have you learned how to measure a ring’s size? Yay, we are glad to help. In this article, we have thoroughly described everything about ring sizes. Nonetheless, you will also find five excellent ring suggestions in our article to help you out. So, if you are thinking of buying a ring, don’t let second thoughts have your back.

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