55+ Powerful Falling in Love Quotes to Inspire Your Love Life

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Falling in love is not always easy, but it makes you very happy. Sometimes falling in love happens as quickly and unexpectedly as a flash of lightning. But it often becomes clear only after months or years of dating and trying out different relationships until you finally find your soulmate.

Falling in love quotes and sayings are very popular these days. This is because they give an emotional and romantic meaning. So if you are seeking ideas or want to express your feelings, these love quotes will surely bring a smile.

Falling In Love Quotes for Him

  1. “I do not always express myself well, but I can tell you one thing: when it comes to you, I can do anything.”
  2. “I think you are amazing, and all of your dreams have come true. So let us keep this ride going!”
  3. “I cannot believe how much we have changed since we met last year and yet how much more we have to learn about each other.”
  4. “You are the only person who can make me feel like there is more to life than just being happy for myself.”
  5. “You are like a ray of sunlight that always makes my day brighter. You bring out the best and make me feel so special.”
  6. “You are why my heart beats faster when I see your face, hear your voice, or even just think about you.”
  7. “There is no way I could love someone as much as I love you, so from now on, I’ll start calling you my boyfriend instead!”
  8. “I cannot stop falling in love with you because I feel like an angel has come to take away all my pain every time you are near me.”
  9. “You are why I smile when I wake up every morning and, in my dreams, your eyes smile for me.”
  10. “Love cannot be discovered where it does not already exist and cannot be rejected where it already exists. All true love stories are beautiful, but ours is my favorite because I get to call YOU mine!”

Falling in love quotes for her

  1. “I do not think I have ever felt like this before. Falling in love with you was the best thing ever happened to me.”
  2. “I am in love with you. And I want to spend the rest of my life trying to figure out how we got here and what it all means.”
  3. “I do not know if it is because you are beautiful, your hair smells like sunscreen, or your voice sounds like a song if you sing it really slow. I do not know why it happened—but I know it did for me. And now I am here to tell you that you are my world, and no one else matters except for you.”
  4. “I love you because your heart is a harbor from the storm of life, your eyes are the sea; I am the sailor who has found his way home.”
  5. “When you look at me, I can see the world through your eyes. I want to live in a world where you are always there for me. Something about your smile makes me feel like nothing else matters when I am with you.”
  6. “You are my closest confidante and the person I want to be with when I die.”
  7. “She is a wildflower; I am a firefly. She is a river; I am a drop of water. She is the moon in the night sky; I am the star at dawn. She is an angel; I am a devil himself. She is my life; she is my world.”
  8. “In the beginning, you fall in love with the idea of a person. Then you fall in love with them, becoming real to you. I love you, baby!”
  9. “The way you make me feel is a song stuck in my head for days. I cannot get it out, but it is not because I do not want to. I must keep listening until you finally show up again.”
  10. “I do not think I could love anyone as much as I love you.”

Falling in love quotes with your best friend

  1. “You are my best friend, and I want nothing more than for you to be happy.”
  2. “I was in love with you before I knew your name.”
  3. “I tell you this only because I know how much you mean to me. You are the most crucial person in my life, and I do not want to lose you.”
  4. “The moment I saw you, I was in love with you. You looked at me with so much love, and I felt I could do anything.”
  5. “I have been missing you lately. And whenever I do, I fall in love with you repeatedly. You are the best friend I have ever had, and I hope to be the best friend that you will ever have.”
  6. “Not sure what I would do if you were not in my life… You make it so much better.”
  7. “I am not saying love is easy. But it is always worth it in the end.”
  8. “Not sure if I am in love with you or simply the thought of being in love with you.”
  9. “I want to be the person who makes you laugh and cry, who makes you feel like your best friend when you need it, and the only one for when you just want to be alone.”
  10. “I love you. I have no idea how I could have ever lived without you.”

Unexpected falling in love quotes

  1. “I was falling in love with you before I even met you, and then when we met, it was like I had been waiting my whole life for you.”
  2. “I fell in love with how your hair blew around your face as we danced.”
  3. “You are like a fairy tale to me… the first time I saw you, I knew we were made for each other.”
  4. “I love you not for who you are or what you have done but because of who we are together.”
  5. “Never knew that you would be the reason I wake up in the morning; I get out of bed; the reason I want to live, and not just exist.”
  6. “I never thought there was a chance I would fall in love with you. But there you were, and suddenly it felt inevitable.”
  7. “I always thought love was only for the fairytale until I met you.”
  8. “I fell in love with you the day you asked me to write your name on a piece of paper.”
  9. “I was perched on the precipice, about to jump off. I was not sure that I would survive. Then suddenly, you appeared and told me not to do it.”
  10. “All my fears vanished, and I knew everything would be alright. You have always been here for me when no one else could be. And then, we fell in love, and now look at us!”

Cute quotes about falling in love

  1. “It is not the falling in love that gets you; it is the landing.”
  2. “Falling in love is easy; staying in love is hard.”
  3. “Marriage can cure love’s brief insanity.”
  4. “Love is not something you choose to do; it happens when you are least expecting it.”
  5. “Love is never a mistake; it is making the wrong decision 100 times and getting away with it.”
  6. “The best part about falling in love is that it is easy to do. You do not have to work at it, plan it out, or figure out how to make it work. It just happens.”
  7. “I am fascinated by the idea of falling in love. I think it must be one of the most extraordinary moments in life, and yet it happens very quickly.”
  8. “I love you because the entire cosmos worked together to help you see your genuine self.”
  9. “When you fall in love with someone, it is like falling into an ocean and realizing there is no way out.”
  10. “If you dream of being a good person, all you have to do is love. It is as simple as that.”

Falling in love again quotes

  1. “Falling in love is like having a best friend who gets you drunk and takes advantage of you.”
  2. “Falling into love once more, I am looking at you, and I cannot believe it is true.”
  3. “Falling in love again is like falling off a cliff. You are scared, but you know you have to do it. You cannot just let yourself fall into the void.”
  4. “It is like the first time—you do not know what to expect, but you have to trust that it will be better than before. You have to trust that this time will last forever and that nothing bad can happen to you.”
  5. “You know you love me when you tell me I am beautiful.”
  6. “Falling in love again is like trying to catch a falling star. There are no assurances of success, but it is worth the try!”
  7. “You feel like you are falling for a second time when you are really falling for the first time.”
  8. “It is unimaginable! I fell in love with you again. I am afraid of being hurt, but I know it is worth it. I hope you do not fall in love with me too soon.”
  9. “I am in love with you again. I cannot help myself. It is like a drug, and I am powerless over it.”
  10. “Falling in love is like falling asleep. You cannot control it, but you can decide how to wake up.”


Hopefully, you have enjoyed our list of quotes about falling in love. Remember to share it with your friends and family; you never know who might need these quotes.

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