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Here are 8 Creative Ideas for How to Give a Promise Ring to Your Girlfriend

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Are you madly in love with your one and only? You want to confess your love in front of her, and you want to let her know that she is your world? The promise ring symbolizes that you are devoted to being committed to her and your romantic relationship. 

The exchange of promise rings is the first step of a long journey a couple will take together. So never just hand over the ring to her. Instead, make the day memorable; make her day special with your love and efforts that fit the promise!  

What does a promise ring mean? 

Even though the promise ring is not the same as the engagement one, it represents a deep commitment level. It is often seen as a pre-engagement ring. 

A promise ring is given by a person who loves. It’s a relationship to show their commitment to each other and their intention to marry in the future. 

With the below creative ideas of how to give a promise ring, your promise ring’s display will be just as one of a kind as the promise it represents.

8 Creative ideas of how to give a promise ring 

  1. Choosing a unique location to give her an amazing experience

The location where you date for the first time or throughout your relationship matters the most. It gives both of you unforgettable experiences in your love life. The unique or your girlfriend’s favorite location would be a perfect place to whip the ring box out. 

Think all about unique places, like her favorite places she talks about, where you met first, where you first kissed, Disney, amusement parks, or where you took a memorable walk, whichever you think will make her happy! It will make the memory of giving the promise ring truly special as it links back to an important place for you both.

You can even make the moment more thrilling by thinking about skydiving, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping, a special concert, or scuba diving. 

But keep in mind that your girlfriend may be afraid of heights; maybe skydiving isn’t for her. So think before deciding on the place.

  1. Plan a scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt

Who hates a well-planned scavenger hunt? No one, right?! 

Whether within your home, garden, your girlfriend’s favorite places, or across a city, there are endless ways to make a scavenger hunt fun and intriguing. 

Take a paper, create a good map, or even you can give her a printout of the map. Put all the details, including the steps they have to take to get to the ring.

To make her more curious or create more hype about the surprise, don’t tell her what the goal of the hunt is. Instead of giving her clues, make her play the scavenger hunt. In the end, your prize is that you get to see her face light up when she finds the ring. 

You can also involve her best friends, family members, or people to make her more curious and unique. Ask them to help you plan a fun activity to surprise your love with a Promise Ring.

  1. Trick her with silly packaging

Giving a ring box directly to your love will not surprise her. And she will know it is a ring. Instead, try new crazy hacks to surprise her when she can’t expect it. Trick her by giving her a ring in silly packaging that she just won’t be expecting. 

Place your ring in weird packagings like a matchbox, perfume, or chocolate box. Or you can also place the ring box inside the tiny box, then place that second box in another box to make it a huge present box. Take at least 7 – 8 boxes from tiny, medium, large, to extra-large to make a huge box. She’ll be confused when she receives the vast box and will have no clue what’s inside. Her mood will change when she sees the beautiful promise ring from you. 

  1. Hide it inside a cup of wine or ring on the top

It sounds old-fashioned and corny too, but your girl will find it romantic and overwhelming. Your sincere love, care, and generous act of giving a promise ring can make your future life partner happy. You can hide the ring inside a glass of wine by yourself at home or wherever you took her for a date. Or else you can involve the cafe/ restaurant waiter to bring the ring in a bottle. That will surely surprise her! 

  1. Request a person for your help

The best way to surprise your love is to involve all the family members but make sure they don’t reveal the secret. It is considered a surprising way to give your girlfriend the promise ring, especially if you choose someone unexpected to do this job. 

Like choosing a delivery person, put the ring in your dog’s chain and ask him to go to your girl and show her, or ask her boss or workplace people for help. Or take her to shows and request the host or singers to get the job done for you. Like they can sing a love song or can read beautiful love poetry while bringing your girlfriend the ring. 

Assure that you should be present when the chosen person finishes the job. Or you can put the ring on the top of the cupcake to put a bright smile on her face while ordering desserts after a meal. 

  1. Use red roses 

Flowers are the symbol of love or show affection. So, as to show love to your future wife while giving her a promise ring, place it in the flower bouquet. 

Buy red roses or any rose color flower of her choice from the surrounding store. Hide‌ the rose flower petals but make sure that your rosebuds should be firm. After giving her the flower, make sure she keeps it somewhere safe and visible (besides her bed, dresser table, or close to her shoe rack). The flower bud will spread wide after a few days, revealing the ring in the smooth fold of the rose flower.

This creative idea requires patience as the buds need some time to grow. But the wait will be worth it, to put a beautiful smile on your girlfriend’s face. She will adore you more for this creative idea. 

  1.  Keep it practical–buy the ring together

The love bonding should always be kept realistic and practical. The most important step of commitment is that you always make sure that both the persons in a relationship are on the same page. Purchasing a Promise ring together for your big day. It will build a real, appropriate step towards no-shyness, awkwardness, and settling on a mutual liking of the design. 

  1. Write a song declaring your feelings

Though it may sound old-school, it can be a great effort if you are of the musical sort. You can compose a poetry piece or a song from your partner’s life moments or for their personality.

The concept is to pitch your feelings about them to state any promises or make them happy by bringing up some memories, intentions, and emotions. Writing someone a piece of poetry also shows your love for them. It feels very personal and heart-touching, and it always gets into the person’s heart.

The promise of eternity

Simplicity always wins hearts. It makes a more significant impact when you remember little details about someone, like their favorite drink, what they like to listen to, or what color they like in shoes. Cherishing your special moments with things like a promise ring and going creative ways to present it to them makes an even more significant impact. You can find a lot of unique ways to seize your moments forever! 

To create those beautiful memories, Callie is here to find you perfect tips and unique ideas to surprise your loved ones with special promise rings.

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