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Everything You Need to Know About What and How to Buy a Promise Ring

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We have always needed something physically present to be evident of our verbal promises. And that is exactly why promise rings are renowned worldwide. 

This article includes everything you will ever need to know about promise rings. So, why wait? Let’s begin with it. 

What is a promise ring

“What is a promise ring?” is a commonly asked question but trust us, there is no rocket science behind promise rings other than the fact that they serve a special purpose of promises. Promise rings, like engagement rings, come in a number of designs. The ring should be custom-made to the wearer’s preferences but not so extravagant that it cannot be worn every day. The following are some common promise ring styles:

Ones with diamonds

Large solitaires have traditionally been linked with engagements, but promise rings with stones weighing 0.25ct or less are a popular approach to signify a future engagement.

Ones that have clustered self

Several stones clustered together glisten like an engagement ring without attempting to imitate one. It may be worn on either hand and doesn’t give the impression that someone is engaged.

The ones that are simple

The simple band-style promise rings are a more discreet approach, whether it’s adorned with jewels, engraved with letters, or made entirely of precious metal.

Ones with birthstones 

Last but not least are the ones with birthstones. Since birthstones have that special connection with people, they are a good idea when it comes to promising rings. Giving the wearer his or her birthstone is perfect for long-term usage because the ring may subsequently be combined with an engagement ring later in life.

The purpose of a promise ring

A promise ring is, to put it simply, a step up from casual friendship or dating. It lets the world know that your heart belongs to someone and that you have accepted to safeguard and foster the connection you have with them. A promise ring is frequently offered as a forerunner to an engagement these days, although this is not always the case.

Promise rings are not limited to that. Friends might exchange promise rings to pledge their friendship for the rest of their lives. Parents may also give a child a promise ring as a means of saying they love them forever. These types of promise rings are often known as purity bands. 

Promise rings can be worn to symbolize any promise, such as a commitment to religion, a goal, or a vow to stop a bad habit.

Promise rings vs. Engagement rings

A women wears a engagement ring on her right ring finger

In terms of looks, there is no predictable difference between promise rings and engagement rings. However, when it comes to the purpose they serve, you can come across slight differences. For instance, the purpose of an engagement ring is solely to indicate the “soon happening marriage,” whereas promise rings serve the following purposes altogether:

A pledge of friendship

In many western countries, friends exchange promise rings as a pledge to make their friendship last forever. Not only this, but these rings also remind them to stay by each other’s side in all situations. 

A commitment of love

As we have mentioned earlier, promise rings serve many purposes. But this one is the one widely known. People give these rings as a symbol of their love, commitment, and affection to one another. 

A promise of parenthood

The promise rings are also given by parents to their children as a token of their love and support for the rest of their life. 

A sign of “engagement-to-be”

The commitment to a relationship that is going toward engagement is perhaps the most popular meaning of a promise ring for couples. A promise ring, also known as a pre-engagement ring, is worn when you believe that you have discovered the ideal spouse but are not quite ready for marriage. 

A commitment to self

In rare situations, some individuals may purchase a promise ring for themselves as a reminder to remain strong and dedicated to a certain cause. These rings may serve as a reminder to the wearer to be loyal to oneself, avoid bad influences, and keep a good attitude in the face of hardship.

Which finger does a promise ring go on

There's promise ring on the left ring finger

If you are not married, a promise ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger on the left hand. Once married, some people switch their promise rings to their right hand. However, how you wear a promise ring is entirely up to you. You might wear your ring on your ring finger instead of a wedding band if it is a symbol of a love connection. You may put it on a different finger to show that you haven’t yet achieved that goal.

It’s up to you and what you’re comfortable with in terms of other responsibilities. Wear your Promise(commitment) ring with pride and love no matter what. Moreover, there are some folks who choose to wear their promise ring on a lovely necklace chain.

How much are promise rings

Since the cost of a ring entirely depends on the nature and customization of rings, we cannot put forward an exact value or cost as to how much promise rings are. 

However, as an overview, promise rings can start from as low a price as $23.00 and can get as high as $83.00 here at Callie. The cost entirely depends upon the material used in the creation along with other customized features like engraved initials or messages.

Promise rings may also differ in price if you are choosing a basic, attractive gold, sterling silver band or going with a promise ring with diamonds and/or other gemstones.

The purer the gold used to build the ring and the larger and higher quality the diamonds or other gemstones it includes, the more you will normally have to spend for it. It is pretty much as with engagement rings and other jewelry.

Where to get a promise ring

Finding a perfect promise ring that compliments your emotions is really a difficult thing to do. But, here’s some good news. At Callie, we have a whole collection of some brilliant promise rings that have the potential of making your moment of promise and commitment extra special. 

The collection ranges from low prices to high ones. No matter what price range, quality, style, or design we choose, we ensure your quality and commitment with everything we deliver. 

Moreover, below we have enlisted 5 amazing picks from our promise rings section to make your promise ring decision more convenient. 

A mesmerizing piece of gold

What could be more precious than the feeling of discovering the love of your life? Nothing, right? So, why not promise them years of love and commitment with a wonderful promise ring? 

At Callie, we have an entirely customized piece Personalized Name Ring With Gemstones. It can be a perfect one if your loved one admires gemstones. The ring is made up of sterling silver and has the ability to serve as a piece of jewelry that lasts forever. You get a chance to choose between many color options for gemstones. Also, the making of the ring allows you to engrave anything from a name, initials, or some love message for your loved one. Isn’t it the best thing ever? 

To conquer her heart

Her heart is the special place you always wanted to be in. And we certainly understand that. That is exactly why our jewelry designers have designed an elegant piece just as you need. Yes, we are talking about the Engraved Heart Stone Promise Ring. It is among the best-selling items we have onboard due to its unique design and customized self. 

Our gorgeous promise ring is handcrafted and features a brilliant-cut heart birthstone in the center nestled between two glittering birthstones. The birthstones are available in all colors allowing you to choose the one you like better. The material used in construction is Sterling Silver 925, which makes it long-lasting. Isn’t it a total must-have? 

Gold that comes under budget

Not all love stories require expensive gifts, gold, or any other fortune. Most of the time, it’s all about the feelings you have in your heart for the other person. And to cherish such cases, we have a brilliant pick for you. The Engraved Round Gemstone Promise Ring In Gold is something out of the box for your loved one. 

The material used in the construction is 18k Gold Plated Silver and you get a chance to choose from 3 types of stones namely Natural Gemstone, Zircon Stone, and Swarovski Stone. The best part is that these stones are available in all different colors. Customers also get a chance to engrave names or initials on the rings in the font styles of their preferences. What else would anyone really need? 

Promise ring for an infinite love

Isn’t it a good idea to also bind yourself in the promise with her? At Callie, we have a Customized Infinity Love Promise Ring for your loved one. 

This promise ring is constructed of 925 sterling silver with platinum plating and can make you look gorgeous and intriguing on numerous occasions. The everlasting and unending love between lovers is symbolized by this brilliant ring. Moreover, it allows you to choose between multiple colors of birthstones. It lets your loved one wear a promise that lasts forever. So, why wait? Buy it now before it goes out of stock. 

What to say when giving a promise ring

The couple wear a pair of rings

This question has become immensely common when it comes to giving promise rings. Although it depends completely on your will and feelings still, there are a few things that sound when heard from a person you are considering spending your whole life with. 

  • Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind. While you might choose to plan and practice what you’ll say, the most important thing is to be genuine.
  • Consider writing a poem. Selecting an emotional poem as part of the gift-giving is a simple approach to finding the proper words. 
  • Make it a memorable occasion. A promise ring is often worn to express a desire to marry in the future. This is an excellent opportunity to express your affection for the one you care about.
  • Don’t feel obligated to give a lengthy speech. While marriage vows are public, delivering a promise ring is a personal affair. A short speech of only a few phrases can accompany the exchange of such a gift.


Promise rings are the best way to make someone realize what they mean to you. We have answered many questions about the promise rings along with some brilliant options you can pick from. Our store – Callie, deals in all types of personalized rings of high quality. Our focus is to deliver things that are reliable and have the potential to last longer. 

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