You are currently viewing 25+ Messages for Sending Invites to People for A Housewarming Party 

25+ Messages for Sending Invites to People for A Housewarming Party 

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Sometimes, words are not enough to express the excitement of moving to a new house. And when it comes to sharing this happiness with your loved ones, you may find yourself short of words. Writing invites for a housewarming party is a bit tricky. This is probably the reason you are here.

We have gathered here some appealing quotes and messages for inviting people to the housewarming ceremony. Read on to choose which one is best to be printed on your invitation card.

Quotes and Messages for a housewarming party invitation 

  1. Finally, I have moved into my new house. It’s time to turn this house into a home which is not possible without you guys. Let’s do it together at the housewarming party (date). Waiting anxiously to see you!
  2. I am super excited to show you my new home. Please add more to my happiness by joining me at the housewarming party.
  3. I need these essential ingredients to make my house a live home. Love, laughter, and the presence of my loved ones. I will be pleased if you guys help me complete the ingredients. Come and join me at the housewarming party.
  4. Spare your time to bless me with your love and presence at the housewarming party.
  5. Going to start a new chapter of life in a new place. It will be great if you come and make this new beginning memorable for me. Yeah! I would love to invite you to the housewarming party!
  6. We want your good wishes for starting a new life in our new house. Make our housewarming party a lovely event with your beautiful presence.
  7. There is no happiness without friends and family. You are cordially invited to a housewarming party. Please come and make my house a happy place.
  8. We are hosting a crazy housewarming party. Bless our new home with your footsteps at (date).
  9. Let’s sing and dance together on (date) to make my housewarming ceremony worth remembering. All eyes will be waiting for you.
  10. I can’t believe I am the owner of my own house. Does it sound unbelievable to you as well? Come and witness this reality at the housewarming party on (date).
  11. Let’s irritate my new neighbors by playing loud music at the housewarming party. And what’s the best part about it? Your presence! Yeah, you are warmly invited to celebrate my new home.
  12. Got my new home. It’s the time to celebrate. Be on time to make the celebration even more significant with your presence. The housewarming party will be on (date, time, and address).
  13. Say hi to my new happy place. I am pleased to announce that I have finally moved into my new house. It’s time to throw a housewarming party, and here you go (date and time).
  14. My dream came true, and now is the time for a grand celebration. Join me at the housewarming party as I would love to share these beautiful moments with you guys.
  15. Special things are incomplete until they are shared with special people. This is why I am hosting a housewarming party on (date). Bless me with your love and presence.
  16. My new house is waiting for you guys. Come and warm it with the warmth of your love. Join me at the housewarming event held on (date, time).
  17. My years of struggle have finally proved fruitful, so I have a place that is mine. Come, have a look at my dream place. Have fun with me at the housewarming party!
  18. Would you like to join me at my new residence (address)? Don’t forget to attend the housewarming event held on (date) at (time).
  19. Let’s dine and dance together on (date). And wait, we will be doing it at a new place (address) this time. Yeah! I am inviting you to my housewarming party. Please accept this heartiest invitation.
  20. Home is the place where you find your heart peaceful. Let’s make peace together on (date) at my new residence (address). Please join me at the housewarming ceremony!
  21. Breaking news: I am no more a tenant. Becoming a homeowner is a big achievement. And I will celebrate this success by throwing a housewarming party on (date). I will be waiting for you to come and wish me.
  22. I have settled in my new home. All set to throw a party. Don’t miss the grand event of the housewarming ceremony on (date).
  23. I have enough space to gather you all and party hard. Let’s do it on (date) at the housewarming party.
  24. Our eyes will be happy when they see you at the housewarming event. So make sure to join us on (date).
  25. I am excited to let you know that my address has changed. I have moved to a permanent address. Come and have a look at it at the housewarming party on (date).
  26. We have arranged a wonderful event to introduce our new place to you. We will love to see you joining us at the housewarming party.
  27. I have my new house and can’t wait to give you a home tour. Therefore, I have arranged a housewarming party in my home’s backyard. Come and join me!
  28. I am hosting the housewarming party on (date). Your presence will fill my house with love and my heart with happiness. So take some time and visit my new home (address).
  29. The house is set, and I have placed the welcome mat right in place to welcome you all to my new home. Be our honorable guests at the housewarming party held on (date).


Hope this post helped you find appropriate words for inviting people to your new place. A lovely message on the invitation card can make your housewarming party successful. So, choose the best ones to address your friends and relatives. And if you are looking for housewarming party favors for the guests, visit our store. We have cute products that will be great to thank the guests for joining you. 

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