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Housewarming Party Ideas 2022 – You Don’t Have Stress Out for Anything

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Moving to a new place can be a bit stressful. But to make your new digs feel cozy, one should host a housewarming party. After all, going to a new house is an accomplishment. And calling your dear friends and loved family for the celebration is a good idea. 

Keep on reading as we have some fantastic housewarming party ideas for you. 

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Recipe cards

One thing you need to ensure when hosting a housewarming party is that your guests are well-fed. And a fun way to do that is by having a cooking night for your housewarming party. 

Display recipe cards for meals like entrees, appetizers, and desserts hidden inside an envelope, and ask your guests to pick one each. Then, they can pick out the recipe card corresponding to their food category and start cooking it in the kitchen. You can have the ingredients sorted out in the kitchen, so cooking at the party is not a hustle.

If you have a guest who can’t cook, ensure that the recipe cards include easy recipes and not Gordon Ramsay-style cookery! All this is a great interactive way to have delicious meals freshly cooked by everyone and later enjoyed with lots of laughter. 

As a bonus, pour wine for everyone to sip on while cooking for added fun.


You are trying to showcase your new house in all its glory for a housewarming party. And with added decorations, your home can look even more magical than it already is. So, for decorations, you can do plenty of things like: 

  • Round trip around the world

Pick out one country for each room or space and decorate it accordingly—place food, balloons, drinks, cards, etc., based on that country in that room. And let your guests visit the world right inside your home.

  • Favorite movies or tv shows 

Another great way to decorate your house is by choosing your favorite movie or tv show and decorating it appropriately. You can have pictures, posters, food, snacks, merchandise, and whatnot based on that movie or show illuminating your house in the best way possible. Also, have the movie or show playing in the background for your guests to watch. 

  • Color themed

A straightforward yet impactful decoration idea for a housewarming party is a color-based decoration. Each space in your house can be in one color, or the whole house can be in one color. It depends upon you. 

  • Art is where it’s at

If you’re an art fanatic, let your art pieces be the decoration for the party. Decorate your house with as many art pieces you’d like, and let your home embark on the glory. 

  • Plants are lifeline

Plants are the lifeline for some people. And if you are one of these people and have a green thumb, the housewarming party decorations can be actual plants. You can decorate various plants around the house, like flowers, cacti, or succulents, and let your guests enjoy nature.  


Any party is incomplete without dessert. You see, a celebration without anything sweet is imperfect. So, here are some ideas for dessert for your housewarming party. 

  • Chocolate is love

If chocolate is your first love and most of your guests love chocolate, have desserts made of chocolate. Like a chocolate cake, shots of chocolate mousse, and chocolate tarts. You can even make a charcuterie board based on chocolate. Place numerous types of chocolate pieces on the board with some melted ones. Add cut-up fruit, ice cream, or nuts to enhance the experience. 

  • Fruit dessert 

You can switch up things and have fruit-based instead of chocolate. Those lovely mango cocktails, peachy crumbles, and apple pies, you can have it all for your party. 

  • International desserts

Have desserts from all over the world for your guests to have a taste. You can pick out any countries you’d like and have one popular dessert from that country. 

  • Cookies, please

For your guests, set up a bougie cookie table that includes numerous kinds of cookies they can eat quickly. Have some vegan options along with multiple flavors and sizes for everyone to enjoy. 

  • For sale cupcakes

Have a cupcakes table set up for your guests. On the frosting, have ‘for sale’ flags placed as a topper. You can add house-shaped or key-shaped toppers to cupcakes that are suitable for a housewarming party.


Don’t get confused if you still haven’t figured out the housewarming party favor. There are plenty of budget-friendly favors that you can give your guests. 

  • Keychains

As a party favor, you can giveaway personalized keychains as a token of appreciation. The keychain can be a metaphor for getting new keys to your new house, and you are giving them something that organizes the keys. Such a simple gift with a powerful meaning. 

  • Personalized mugs

Mugs are so under-rated. However, they shouldn’t be since mugs allow you to drink hot drinks such as coffee, tea, and juice. Distributing these essential items can be a great housewarming party favor. Add a lovely phrase or a memorable photo to the mugs to make them more personal. 

  • Wind chimes

Wind chimes make perfect housewarming party favors. The calming sounds of wind chimes make everybody relaxed. And you can pass on this to your guests by giving wind chimes as housewarming party favors.

  • Plants 

Your love for plants can be given away as party favors. Small planters or seeds, cutting, or succulents can be given away as favors to your guests. You can paint the pots with a cute phrase or have a simple ‘thank you painted on them.  

Photo backdrop

One thing that is bound to happen when hosting a party is tons of photographs. Photos let you walk down memory lane with moments captured till eternity. And for a housewarming party, have an incredible and aesthetic backdrop to make the picture extra special. 

  • Neon signs

Neon signs light up any dark space in your house. You can have big neon signs that say ‘home sweet’ or a key as a neon sign illuminating the background. 

  • Flowers

You can have a photo backdrop based on flowers. You can place fresh flowers all around and have green grass displayed. Have a key cut out on the green grass to make it extra special. 

  • Macrame wall-hanging

The macrame wall hanging can be the centerpiece of your backdrop. The wall hanging gives a chic boho vibe. You can pick out the color of your house decor and place it on a wall where you want to make a photo booth corner. 

  • Printed backdrop 

If the above backdrop ideas aren’t your thing, you can have a printed backdrop displayed. You can take help from a graphic designer friend & get a fantastic design based on your party theme.  


A Housewarming party without any plans for entertainment can get boring. Whether it’s a board game or adventurous truth or dare, entertainment is integral to having a fun-filled night. Here are some fantastic entertainment and game ideas. 

  • Board games

Have your friends or family bring in their board games for the party. Each guest can get whatever board game they want to play at the party. It can be a deck of cards or a monopoly, according to their preference. If not, list board games that everyone in your circle enjoys and get them for the party. 

  • Storytime 

As an entertainment section, let everyone share one amusing incident or embarrassing moment that happened with them that no one knows. This way, everyone shares a good laugh and enjoys the party. 

  • Wine tasting

Your love of wine can become an entertainment factor for your housewarming party. Have a wine tasting for your party. Get different wines that your guests might not have tried yet. You can even call upon a wine specialist to let all the guests know more about the wines they taste for an unforgettable experience. 

  • Scavenger hunt 

This exciting idea can level up your housewarming party. From hiding toys to precious small items all around the house or just one room, this game will bring out the competitive side of all your guests. And for the winner, have a special gift planned to present. 


Last but not least are the food ideas for your housewarming party. You might have an idea of what you’d like, but here are more. 

  • Taco night

No one on this planet doesn’t enjoy tacos. So, why not host a housewarming party filled with tacos? You can have all the ingredients displayed for guests to make their tacos. Or have them already made in various types like vegan, seafood, etc., for your guests to pick and enjoy. 

  • Potluck

Having pot uck as a housewarming party is a great idea. But you can know what your guests would bring. This adds to the fun and excitement, making it a memorable party. 

  • Alphabet based foods 

For your housewarming party, have foods whose names start with alphabets that come in your name. The alphabet’s foods make it a customized experience and make your housewarming party special. You can also have foods that start with your guest’s initials too. 

What do we think

Housewarming parties are outstanding. They celebrate a milestone in one’s life. And if you want to check out some personalized gifts to give to your guests or an invite you got for a housewarming party, have a look at our housewarming gift section. Or just visit our store Callie, where you will find excellent presents suitable for every gender, occasion, and age. We believe in spreading smiles for everyone. 

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