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How to Change the Band on Your Apple Watch?

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What’s wrong with the regular, not-so-attractive Apple Watch band that comes with the device? It’s not just you. Besides offering many useful features, Apple Watch also allows users to customize their bands. This guide is for you if you have purchased or plan to purchase an upgraded strap. Here’s how to remove and change your Apple Watch strap.

How to Remove Apple Watch Band

In spite of what it may seem like, changing your Apple Watch band is actually quite easy. We’ll begin by removing the iWatch band:

  1.  The Apple Watch should be placed upside down on a clean flat surface after being taken off your wrist. To remove the Apple Watch band, press and hold the “Band Release” button with your finger.
  1.  By sliding the band left or right while holding the button, the Apple Watch band can be removed from the slot.
  2. Remove the Apple Watch strap on the other side using the same procedure.

How to Install Apple Watch Band

Now that you have successfully removed the strap from your Apple Watch, it is time to learn how to add a new Apple Watch strap to your watch. Below, we have detailed how to change the Apple Watch strap:

  1.  Again, place the Apple Watch on a clean flat surface.
  1.  Align the new band with the Apple Watch’s band slot (slightly at an angle). Here, remember that the side of the strap that contains text (band size and wrist size) should be toward the sensors.
  2.  Once the band has been updated, slide it into the slot until a click is heard. The other side should be performed in the same manner.

That’s all there is to it. Here’s how to replace an Apple Watch band. Check out our other Apple Watch guides, such as how to use Google Maps. You will learn more about what you can do with your Apple Watch by reading this.

How to Choose the Apple Watch Band Size

So now that you know how to change your Apple Watch strap, how do you determine what size band to use? Here is a simplified answer to this question:

The first thing you need to know is the size of your Apple Watch. The text around the sensors can be viewed at any time if you are unsure. Here you can find the size of your Apple Watch band, as shown in our Watch Ultra.

Using this guide, you can determine what size band is compatible with your Apple Watch once you know its size. You have the following options:

  • If you own a 38mm, 40mm, or 41mm Apple Watch 8, 7, SE, or any other version, you should buy a 41mm band.
  • If you own a 42mm, 44mm, 45mm, or 49mm Apple Watch Ultra, 8, or lower variant, purchase a 45mm band.

Although you can buy 45mm straps for your new Apple Watch Ultra, the company recommends you only use them for everyday, casual wear. Wearing the Watch Ultra for its intended purpose, such as sports activities and stuff, will require a 49mm strap.

Benefits of customising the watch band

Occasionally, things get better with age, but sometimes they just get old fast. Despite the versatility of watches, over time, you will feel the desire to change your watch and have something new on your wrist. As a serial watch buyer, you shell out a lot of money on something new that catches your eye, wear it a handful of times, and then throw it in the back of a drawer after growing tired of it.

  1. The first and biggest advantage of changing your watch strap is that it’s easier on your pockets.
  1. Your Style Gives You More Flexibility. You can create a whole new look and style by making the change.

Now that you know how to change a watch strap, the question is why should you bother. When you want to spice things up, you can change your watch strap instead of going for a new watch.

Replacement Bands

Looking for some amazing Apple watch bands? Here are Callie’s recommendations for you.

  1. Mushroom design watch band

This personalized mushroom design watch band is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a fun watch band with exquisite printing. Advanced techniques of laser engraving are used to engrave various mushroom patterns. The watch pattern will never fade. It will always give you an energetic lightweight feeling.

The material is silicone which is skin-friendly, soft, durable, dirt resistant, and waterproof. It protects your skin from irritation and gives you the most comfortable wearing experience. Get this watch band, wear it on any occasion, and look stunning. 

  1. Horseshoe watch band for horse lovers

Try this customized horse and horseshoe watch band if you are a horse lover. The horseshoe and horse head add a unique element to the strap, making it unique. The strap is mainly made of silicone which is a brilliant material to wear in terms of weight and comfort.

Customize the names engraved on the watch to make it unique. You can get up to three names engraved on the watch band. You have a diverse range of colors choice, as the strap is available in twelve colors. 

  1. Vibrant watch band

What if you love vibrant colors? This personalized colorful tie and die watch band is perfect for you. The bright colors in the tie and dye pattern will let you make a great highlight in your everyday look. Choose the name to be engraved on the band in the color and style you like.

The material is so comfortable that you will love wearing it even during exercise. You can choose the style from the seven options available. For the sizes, we offer four options. 

  1. A vintage-style canvas band

Get your hands on this personalized canvas watch band to add a classic vintage touch to your look. The strap comes with a matte toned-down buckle made of stainless steel. The material gives a classic formal look, yet you can use it casually daily. You can choose the canvas colors from the seven options available. 

The premium canvas fabric works great, letting sweat and moisture escape easily from the skin. It will also provide soft cushioning to the skin, so you will love wearing this strap.

  1. A slim leather watch band

This slim leather band for the Apple watch looks breathtakingly amazing, especially for those who possess a chic personality. The sleek design looks exquisite, and the material makes this strap durable. This watch band is an embodiment of mature craftsmanship.

You can choose your favorite color from the eight options available. Engrave whatever you want on this strap. However, you can get up to eight characters engraved on it. This watch band is simple yet stylish, a must-have for you.

  1. Watch the band with the cuff

This personalized watch band with a cuff is a treat for those who want a two-in-one band. It works as a cuff band on casual days, and you can use it as a watch band on formal days. Simply remove the cuff, and it will become a regular watch band in no time. 

The material is 100 percent original leather, very smooth to the touch, and comfortable to wear. The buckle and adapters are available in five different colors. For the watch designs, you have six options available.


Seems like changing the band of your Apple watch is no more a daunting task for you. Once you know how to change it, you will love changing this band and flaunting a new style daily. Well, for this, you need to visit Callie’s store so that you can buy some more watch bands from our amazing collection. 

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