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5 Easter Basket Ideas for Everyone – Teens, Toddlers, and Adults

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No matter for whom they are intended, Easter baskets are a fun thing that can be put together with ease. We’ve got you covered, whether for an adult in their 40s or a super active toddler. So here are some amazing Easter basket ideas that everyone will love.

Chocolate Easter Basket 

All you need is a plain metal bucket. There are plenty out there, but a one in a solid color, preferably with no logos or motifs. The plain bucket will give you room for decoration and allow you to make it in the receiver’s style. So, to start, you can add tissue paper in any color or even multiple colors. Scrunch them up and fill in the bucket about 1/3 of the way.

The first item you can add to the Easter basket is a Custom Colorful Name Easter Bunny Decorations. This is a cute decoration piece that is in the cut out of a bunny that acts as a name tag. Regardless of whoever is the receiver of the basket, this addition will give it a personalized feel. Their names will be in the body of the bunny and you can choose the color of the bunny according to their preference. And we’ll finish the bunnies with a matching rope on top.

Now place in some glittery plastic eggs to be on theme and finish it off with their favorite chocolate bars. You can add ribbons and lace on the outer side of the bucket if you’d like. Or you can even leave it plain as it is. 

Fun Easter Basket For Kids

Even though it seems that kids are easy to please, they are not. They can adorably confess that they don’t like the gift or fall in love the minute they see it. So, we have come up with a foolproof fun Easter basket for toddlers or kids.  

So, for the basket, we have Bunnies Easter Basket With Embroidery & Children’s Name.  

This is a soft fabric bucket made especially for kids. A plain white bucket with a bunny motif that can be customized according to whatever they like. You can even get the kid’s names embroidered.

One plush doll you should put in this basket is the Easter Bunny Ears Gnomes. These soft vibrant gnomes with big bunny ears are so adorable that the kids would love them. You can have their names or any custom phrase embroidered on the hats of the gnomes for a personalized touch. You know kids love to cuddle plushies, so this one is on point!

Now, just add in some colorful tissue straws as stuffers to fill in the space and a bunch of edible Easter eggs like Kinder Joy to make it complete. Or you can add those empty Easter eggs, fill them in with mini Legos or small toys and lay them across the basket. Another fun thing that you can add to it is Kinetic sand. You know how crazy they get when playing with sand when growing up, right! So, this basket will surely keep the kids busy all day long. 

Easter Basket For Toddlers

This personalized Easter basket for toddlers, featuring a cute furry bunny design with long ears. The basket can be customized with a glitter name, making it a special gift for Easter. You can add small trinkets for them that they’ll love.

First of all, place in some color pencils and multi-colored markers for their creative brains – haha. A silly putty that they enjoy playing with at any time of the day. Also, add in our very own with Personalized Name Easter Peeps Bunny Plush Doll, which will do the trick. This is an adorable bunny-shaped plushy named Peeps. They come in an assortment of colors for you to choose from. And the best part, you can get the toddler’s name printed on top of it for customization. A small Toy Truck With Child’s Name will enhance their motor skills while stimulating their imagination.

Lavish Easter Basket For Adults (Women & Men)

Let’s begin with the basket element. For that, we have this Personalised Burlap Tote Gift Bag. This is a natural jute bag made with seamless stitching for a smooth look. You can print their name in any color, pattern, or font you’d like which will be placed in the middle of the bag. This way it looks super personalized yet not over the top. 

One of the goodies that you can add for women is a Personalized Easter Bunny Egg Name Necklace. The necklace is made of sterling silver and features an egg-shaped pendant with a bunny design. The necklace can be customized with a name.

Another exciting thing that suits both women and men is the Personalised Byzantine Bracelet. This kind of bracelet is so unique that you might need to get it for yourself too (not even kidding). It’s intricately woven decorative links and a contemporary square edge T-Bar closure that catches the light beautifully. You pick out the color, size and even get custom content on the T-bar like an important date, phrase, or just their name. 

Let’s take this to another level, add in some vibrant bouquet of flowers that gives it’s a sensitive touch. Their favorite chocolates, wine, or their favorite champagne. Also, add in Easter eggs, and BOOM! It’s done. Glue in some decorations like ribbon flowers or bows to make it more celebratory vibes. 

Easter Basket For Teens & Tweens

For them, a personalized Cute Furry Bunny Easter Basket with Name, specifically designed as an Easter egg hunting gift for kids. The basket showcases an adorable furry bunny design and offers customization options to include a name. It serves as a delightful and personalized accessory for children to use during Easter egg hunts.

Add in a name tag that is in the shape of an egg. We haveWood Easter Gift Name Tag. It comes in a bunch of different Easter-themed cut out like eggs, bunnies, etc. You can pick out whatever you’d like and get their names added to it. Place this inside the basket for amping it up. Then, add in the wonderful Beach Towel with Name that we have. It comes in a bunch of classic colors and the option of adding their names on the towel in their preferred font.

Next add in funky sunglasses for sun protection. Then this Custom Water Bottle Horsey Gift is made with metal and helps reduces plastic weight. You can select the style of horse that is printed and get their names printed too. Another trinket to add for these lovely tweens or teens is Custom Photo Booth Bottle Gift with Message. It’s a cute little bottle that holds 3 photographs vertically. And it comes with a stand which you can get custom content engraved on it.


If you still think that you aren’t really satisfied with the bunch of Easter stuff that we added, you can check our store Callie out. It’s stocked almost every day with a variety of stuff that has a little something for everyone. Plus, our personalization feature makes it more unique and makes the present stand out. 

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