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Make Your 3rd Anniversary Unforgettable: With Candid Modern and Traditional Gifts Guide

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Anniversary is a special occasion for a couple marking the completion of another year, signifying the continuation of the love of both people. The couple usually celebrates this day with friends, family, and a closed social circle. Though the hype for the 3rd anniversary isn’t the same as the first, it doesn’t mean it is any less critical. Every new year strengthens the relationship and makes it more profound than before. 

By the time of 3rd anniversaries, you sure have experienced several embarrassing moments in front of your in-laws, attended many holidays like Christmas, thanksgiving, Easters, and above of all, survived several fights, tantrums, and mood swings, and lived the highs and lows together by compromising and showing affection. On this reassuring occasion, it is essential to let your partner know about your feelings of admiration, love, affection, and respect, which can be perfectly conveyed via anniversary gifts.

In ancient times it was suggested that the quality of the gifts should be slowly increased over time and serve as a reward for strengthening the bond. As per the traditions, leather should be used for 3rd-anniversary gifts because it is flexible and durable, just like a marriage. And its counterpart is a crystal used for modern anniversary gifts representing magnificence and fragility, just like the early years of marriage.

Best traditional anniversary gifts

Leather can be used in various products; It is used in clothing, jewelry, footwear, jackets, home decor, etc. We have listed our hot-selling and frequently bought products that will surprise your spouse and make this anniversary endearing.

Handy jewelry organizer

Does your spouse love to travel? Or does she have difficulty keeping her tiny jewelry pieces in their places? Well, not anymore; this anniversary gift to your wife is our adorable leather birth flower jewelry box that keeps her jewelry in order and tangle-free. This adorable box has a surprising capacity with removable dividers so she can keep her rings, earrings, and jewelry staples without getting them misplaced or intertwined.

It is compact and portable, which makes it a traveling essential. Get the box customized with your wife’s name and birth flower to make it more memorable.

Staples for bookworm

Is your partner a bookworm? Do they have trouble resuming the book from where they last left off? This leather bookmark is simply the best gift for your partner. With this, they can enjoy reading the book and sink into it without having trouble forgetting where they left off. Get this bookworm customized and remind your partner of your love and affection whenever they read any book.

For routine traveler

If your soulmate enjoys traveling, then give them this monogram leather luggage tag and save them from the hurdle of finding her luggage. Your partner can’t thank you enough for such a thoughtful gift as it will remind them of your considerate intentions and make their trips delightful.

You can make this bag tag cuter by customizing it with personal words, monograms, and initials and helping your soulmates identify their luggage quickly.

For everyday stylist

Want to help your partner ace their routine attire? Then give them this trendy braided leather bracelet. This artificially designed leather is skin-friendly, lightweight, and durable, which makes it easy to wear to parties, sports events, on a walk, or any everyday activity. You can adjust the chain as per your wrist length with adjustable ends. You can be creative with this bracelet and get the names, dates, and initials engraved on the silver beads attached to the bracelet.

Men’s staples

The love story between men and their keychain is not new for anyone. Men are habitual of keeping their keys close to them; you will find them with them 24/7. So gifting him a leather photo and calendar keychain will be the cherry on the top. Make this keychain the epitome of love by marking your dates in the attached calendar and keeping a picture of it.

For a chef in making

Who wouldn’t be appealed to by the idea of keeping yummy family recipes in your book? Our customized leather recipe book will help you lock away all your secret recipes and techniques and keep them secure with you. You can hand it down only to family members and keep it the monarch of your family cuisine. A master chef or a newbie, this is for everyone who is a cooking fanatic.

For a resilient bushcraft

Planning on going camping, hiking, or backpacking, then the essential tool you require is bushcraft. Our bushcraft hand auger wrench with leather case is the best camping gear you need to keep. You can carry out various outdoor jobs easily, from outdoor bushcraft to building wooden cabins. Its leather case will secure it and keep you from getting yourself hurt.

You can make this gift more memorable by getting the name, a special message, or a monogram engraved on the leather case showing the connection of the gift with your partner.

Long-distance money carrier

Wallets are essentials for every man and woman, keeping your money organized and safe. What can be more comforting than having a wallet showcasing your long-distance love? With our state map leather wallet made from luxurious leather that ages, you can never cease to reminisce about your better half. The wallet is embossed with the states where both of you reside, connecting your hearts even from a far distance. 

For passionate crafter

Does your spouse like to re-module things? Is crafting and carpeting her hobby? Does she design and develop unique furniture? If the answer to these questions is yes, this anniversary sends her handmade retractable leather tape measure with her initials engraved on the top. This classy tape is made from fiberglass, which makes it harmless. This portable tape can help you measure clothing for sewing, furniture, areas, glasses, etc.

Third-anniversary modern gifts

The 3rd year of the anniversary is a significant milestone covered by the couple, and it should be genuinely celebrated with great love and gifts. In this modern era, many new inventions have been invented as technology is rushing. Here are some great ideas for the following gifts you can share with your partner this year. 

Crystal bracelet

Some might disagree but celebrating the wedding anniversary is significant, marking the great decision made by the couple. Most of the jewels are already bought by the groom and bride for their wedding, but an elegant crystal bracelet on the third anniversary won’t cause any trouble for anyone. The couple can get matching ones or separate ones as per their liking.

Glass set

What can be better than a glass set to give a couple on their anniversary. Glass sets are considered a feasible classic gift that can never be turned out to be a disaster as it is easy to get, pocket friendly, and valuable.

Crystal keepsake

Crystals are included in modern gifts as they are updated with trends. It’s a very convenient and pocket-friendly gift for your loved ones. All your creativeness could be used in this crystal keepsake gift and approach to the receiver as an effort from your side.

Crystal wine stopper

Many decoration pieces like wine stoppers with crystals can also be an excellent gift for a couple as they’re decorative and leave an aesthetic remark.

Crystal charm

Crystals are the talk for the presents gifted in celebration of anniversaries. A man can capture a woman’s heart through crystals. Crystal charms are considered beautiful gifts for showing great love and affection towards women.

Crystal suncatcher window decor

Once you have a suncatcher in one window, you’ll soon wish you had them hanging everywhere. And as crystals are the talk of the town for modern anniversary gifts, a suncatcher would be the perfect outdoor décor for one to gift as it adds beauty and elegance.

Amazing Quotes for the 3rd anniversary

  • “A very happy anniversary to my soulmate without whom I am nothing.”
  • “Wishing anniversary to my devoted, affectionate partner who has supported me at every step of my married life.”
  • “Happy anniversary to my darling, I wish for our health, wealth, enriching love, and success to grow every passing year.”
  • “Let’s celebrate another year of fights, arguments, banging the doors, and then getting away with all in the name of mood swing. Happy anniversary my rebellious partner.”
  • “Happy anniversary my love. You are like a sun to me around whom my life reloves.”
  • “Cheers to us for making the most of our life and embracing each other’s imperfections proudly and perfectly.”
  • “I used to worry that falling in love is easier than staying in love, but we did it and it’s all thanks to your affection and love, Happy anniversary my partner.”
  • “Cheers to the partner who has sorted my upside-down life and helped me in correcting several ways with maturity, patience, and kindness, I love you.”
  • “Happy wedding anniversary, May your couple be blessed with love, laughter, happiness, and health.”
  • “To my dear partner, I appreciate your act of kindness and how you take care of me. I have been depending on you and you never let me down. On this anniversary I confess that I cherish your presence and love and pray that with every passing time our love may grow deeper .”
  •  “Darling, happy spending three years with me, you are the only star in my universe that shines the brightest. Let’s live and love for more years together.”
  • “Happy third anniversary to my better half, I can’t tell you how wonderful you are, I cherish every bit of things you do to bring a smile to my face. Love you.”
  • “The bliss of marriage is not easy but with compassion, compromise and trust it becomes a piece of cake. Happy anniversary love, and thank you for this delightful marriage.”
  • “You are the only one for me, with whom I can fall in love over and over again, Happy third anniversary.”
  • “The connection I feel with you is indescribable, You are the center of my universe, love you for eternity. Happy anniversary.”
  • “Wishing the third anniversary to the rainbow of my life, that has filled colors to my monochromatic life and helped me see the world from a very different perspective.”
  • “Happy anniversary to the dearest love in my heart, I want you by my side for the rest of my life, love me like always.”
  • “Happy anniversary my teammate, let’s order pizza so we can start eating healthy tomorrow.”
  • “Dang! I am so jealous of you, partner. How could you possibly get such a beautiful, amazing and flawless spouse… Cherish her.”
  • “Happy anniversary to both of you, you are one of the sweetest couples I have seen, love each other for the rest of your lives.”
  • “Happy anniversary to the most handsome and considerate person in my life. Let’s continue creating memories and enjoying life as we have done so far.”

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