Valentine’s Day Gifts For Dad From Daughter – Express Your Love For Your First King With Meaningful Gifts

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A man when becomes a father, his identity changes completely. The tiny human being through whom this change occurs is the most adorable human being on earth, especially if she is a daughter. And Valentine’s day is an ideal time when a daughter can surely express her love for her father.

Here, we have made a list of some awesome gifts that you can give your dad

Rings Lock In The Bond

A father plays a very important role in a daughter’s life. He is her first love who she looks up to every time she thinks she is going to fail. But daddy darling loves her no matter what. So, to lock in that love, why not go the classic route of rings but make it family style!

At Callie’s, we have Fathers Rings with Children’s Birthstones. This is a beautiful family ring that captures the true essence of a father. His maturity and rationality for his daughter are encapsulated with this band-style ring that holds precious gemstones. These gemstones are birthstones that would be his children or his entire family. You can decide which ones you’d like, there’s no limit. This stainless-steel ring comes in two colours which will suit your father’s persona. The best part? You can get his initials, his name, or just the word dad engraved on top. And also get the inside of the band engraved for added personalization. 

Lock in the bond of this valentine with your dad by giving him this masculine ring dazzling with birthstones.

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Bottoms Up

Sharing a drink with your dad, as his sweet little daughter can be a bit awkward. But that doesn’t mean your father doesn’t deserve to chill or booze up once in a while. They work so hard for their children and don’t get time to spend with their friends or have fun. By giving him a fun yet useful drink-related present, you’re telling him to enjoy his life a little.

Our very own, Whiskey Coffee Glass with Wood Base is perfect. A sleek designed glass made intricately for enjoying drinks. The curvature makes it super comfortable to hold while enjoying poker and partying with friends. But it’s not just ordinary glass, you can customize it to make it extra special. Get any custom content engraved on the front of the glass. And the glass comes with its own base to hold it perfectly in between sips. You can get custom content engraved on it too. Pick out a lovely daughter father phrase or something meaningful to the both of you, to add in a personal flare.

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Let’s Be Friends, Dad

 Remember those friendship bands that we’d exchange with our best friends usually on friendships day? Those handmade vibrant braided strings with customized beads were such a trend and are also nostalgic for many people, just like your father. Let’s deepen the bond with your father and make him your best friend for life.

The Braided Leather Bracelet with Custom Name Beads will help you do it. This unisex bracelet is high-quality leather which is braided into a wristband. This is ideal to showcase that your dad is a superhero whom you love so much. The simple black color with minimal design makes it reminiscent of a friendship band. By giving this on valentine’s day to your dad, you can easily express that your dad is your best friend no matter what. The length of the band is adjustable so no stress of finding the perfect fit. And the coolest part is that you can select the number of customized beads that you’d like and get any custom content engraved on each bead. You can choose your name, a phrase, your dad’s name, just about anything – you see, the sky is the limit here. All the beads are stainless steel to make them extra sturdy.

Present this to your father and let him wear this every day as a sign that you two are best friends too.

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Captivating Love

Giving your father a useful gift is a great idea. Of course, you can give him anything you’d like, he’s your father after all. But you know fathers tend not to buy things for themselves. They fulfill your needs and never spend money on their own selves. So, why not give him a useful gift that he can use on a day-to-day basis. And a cap is something that would help him in many ways. Whether it’s a sunny day-long drive or a long trek. This will make him wear it and hopefully protect his skin too – haha.

We at Callie’s, have Name Embroidered Trucker Mesh Hat. This is a cotton and mesh hat with a low-key design. A casual style cap that is made for fathers in the most fashionable way. Express your love for your dad and get this customized too. Get your father’s names on the brim of the cap in a golden thread that makes it a bit festive.

Make him enjoy his summer barbeque or his adventurous trip in the truck. Buy Here 


At Callie, you’ll be amazed to explore the brief solution incorporating people of every type of nature. The majority of the gifts will convey the true meaning of love for all relationships.

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