Top Trending White Day Gift For Fiance – Gifts That Show Longing And Love For Your Fiancé

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White Day is a day to celebrate love, and show affection to that special someone in your life. And when it comes to fiancés, they sure need some extra love because these relationships stand on commitments mixed with emotions. So, if you are looking for that perfect gift to spoil your fiancé, here are the best of the best gifts.

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

When we talk about fiancés, they are a bit different than regular boyfriend or girlfriend. You see, you have taken it one step closer, and have stepped into second base. You’ve decided are going to marry them soon.  So, on the day of love why not present them with something that can enhance your wedding?

At Callie’s, we have a Personalized Wedding Wooden Guest Book. This beautiful wedding guest book will add an element of your personal touch and can also double as a décor piece. A rustic wooden box made in the shape of a heart that is transparent from the middle. The center of the heart will hold the custom content wooden plate that will have the names of the couple or the wedding date or both as per your choice.

Also, the place where your wedding guests will write their good wishes is small wooden hearts which they will put in the large heart after they are done writing their well-wishes. How heartfelt is that? This will fill the transparent heart with well-wishes.

Then, the last element of this wedding guest book is a wooden box in which these hearts are kept for guests to take out and write. And you can add in the bride’s and groom’s names and the wedding date which is paired with an elegant motif on this box.

A unique gift that is also a décor piece for the newlywed’s house!

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Personalized Wedding Guest Book Alternative Wood Wedding Sign Wedding Decor

Your Inner Circle Should Be Closer

When your heart starts beating for someone, all you want to do is keep them close with every passing second. And a souvenir that will remind them of you anytime you’re not around. And what’s better than a heartfelt necklace as White Day’s present.

We have a Personalized Inner Circle Engraving Necklace. An elegant sterling silver necklace that has a very dainty chain and a simple pendant. The pendant is a circle which represents unending love. And the engraving can be done on the inner side of the circle which can be precious words or a romantic message or both of your names. Pick out any color of the necklace according to liking and also choose any style of engraving of the necklace. You can also customize the chain’s length as per their choice.

Give them this necklace as a token of intimacy & love and let them take your love everywhere they go.

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Personalized Inner Circle Engraving Necklace

Let There Be Keys

Keys are something that everybody has. Whether they’re work keys or cars, you can’t step out of the house without them. Therefore, giving keychains as a present symbolizes a very exclusive bond that you share with that person. Also, since keys are so important, you give them something to safeguard those important items like cars keys, house keys or work keys.

With our very own Custom Engraved Photo Keychain, you can strengthen the bond with your fiancé. A metal keychain that is very lightweight. It has two-coin charms which can be beautifully personalized. In the large one, we will engrave a favorite picture of the two of you in the highest quality possible.

Moreover, the back of that coin can have important dates engraved in calendar style. The month will be engraved with the selected date circled. You can also engrave both your initials on the small coin charm, which comes in a heart shape. Besides preserving your memories, this will also serve as an excuse to not lose their keys in the future.

Encapsulate loving memories in the most useful and simple way.

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Custom Engraved Photo Keychain


Love Is Classic

Exchanging rings as a present with your fiancé is the most classic yet original way of showing your love. For centuries people have been giving beautiful rings to their respective partners to make them feel loved. So, why should we escape that from our list?

Our I Love You Initial Rings Set for Couples who love to express their feelings in the most impactful way. The set consists of two stainless steel rings designed in a band style to give it a robust feel. Both the rings have halves of a heart. When the rings are joined together, they form a complete heart – just like the two of you. This hers ring heart is embellished with small sparkly stones, while his side of the heart is engraved in black to give it a masculine feel. Also, each ring will have your both initials to tie the love. Just, choose the size of the ring as per your needs and that’s it.

A lovely classic gift that connects your hearts forever.

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I Love You Initial Rings Set for Couples

If you haven’t really decided or are still confused by the gifts mentioned above, you don’t have to stress. At our store Callie’s, we have abundant romantic items stocked up especially for White Day. Our premium quality gifts will not disappoint your fiancé.

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