11 Best Mothers Day Gifts Picks for New Moms

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Embracing parenthood can be overwhelming. It’s like a combination of emotions that drives you places. Although fathers go under the same influence, mothers are affected the most, especially when it’s the very first time. 

People welcome parenthood in many different ways around the world. However, the best way would be by making the new mom feel special on her first mother’s day, and you can do it by planning a personalized gift just for her. 

So, if you are someone who is looking for something extra special for a newly become mom, this article is for you. Here we will discuss the 11 best mothers day gifts for new moms. We hope it helps! 

 Personalized Mommy Diaper Bag Backpack

Keeping baby essentials together is the real struggle of motherhood. And this is where our Personalized Mommy Diaper Bag Backpack comes in.  This pick may look like something for the baby’s ease; however, it serves the mommies best. Yes, it helps in reducing the number of effort mothers put in to keep all the essentials in hand, especially at times of traveling. 

The spacious manufacturing makes it a must-have. Mommies can keep everything from milk bottles to clothes, diapers, napkins, lotions, and you name it. The best thing is that you can engrave the name of the baby on the bag, making it dearer to the new mom. 

Personalized Photo Mugs

Who does not love a hot cup of coffee or some hot chocolate? Of course, everyone does and so do the new moms. Since mugs are a general use utensil, it will be a good idea to customize one as a gift for a new mom. 

And when it comes to gifting a mug, Personalized Photo Mugs tops the list. The ability to be printed with a picture makes it an awesome pick. You can get it done with the favorite picture of her child. It’s literally an on-the-go gift as she can keep it with herself while being home or traveling. The gift box and beautiful structure make it destined to be gifted to a new mom. 

 Feet Necklace with Baby’s Birthstone

For new moms, the most precious moment is when their babies take the first step. So, why not make that preciousness of the moment last forever? The Feet Necklace with Baby’s Birthstone and Name is a cute pick that hits the sentiments of a new mom and makes her happy at the same time. 

It is made up of sterling silver and comes in three different colors. Along with colors, you can choose the length of the chain too. Amazing, no? There are multiple options for birthstones and you get a chance to engrave the name of mom and baby on each foot. She’ll love it, trust us. 

Baby Announcements Keychain

Do you know what makes this pick extra special? Well, it’s nature. It’s suitable for not only moms but dads too. First Time New Mom/Dad Baby Announcements Keychain has a brilliant composition. You can engrave many details about the baby from the name, size, weight, birthstone, and much more. Being a keychain, it will become a necessary aspect of a new mom’s life, making her cherished every time she sees it. A great one, right? 

3D Personalized Laser Etched Crystal

Unique has to be something different that makes the other person just “WOW.” And if you are looking for something the exact same, 3D Personalized Laser Etched Crystal With Your Own Photo has got your back. It can be personalized with a picture of the baby and the new mom. The 3D nature of the crystal makes it extraordinary. So, why wait? Order it today!

 Custom Baby Boy or Girl Art Print

Photo frames never go out of trend. They will always be the most authentic way of keeping memories forever. So, why not give your dearest new momma a frame? Yes? Then, a Custom Baby Boy or Girl Print Gift for Mother will be a brilliant choice. You can place a picture of your choice, can choose a background color of your preference, and can engrave a message as you wish. 

 Custom Baby Footprint Frame

Mothers always get something to secure the childhood memories of their children. And if you are planning to give them something they actually love, this Custom Baby Footprint Frame will be everything. It offers multiple options when it comes to saving memories. You can engrave the baby’s name, place of birth, date of birth, also some custom text of your choice. 

Custom Felt Letter Board

Love cannot be expressed through a materialistic approach. Yes, giving a new mom something that makes her genuinely happy has more to it than any other thing that’s high on budget. Our Custom Felt Letter Board has the potential you’re looking for in a mother’s day gift. You can choose the color and style of the board as per your preference. And can ask to write the message you like. 

Custom Funny Pregnancy Gift Avocado Decoration

Because all the mother’s day gifts are the same in one way or the other, it’s an awesome idea to come up with something completely out of the box. And when we talk about something unique for new moms, Custom Funny Pregnancy Gift Avocado Decoration for New Moms tops the list. Place in a beautiful image of when the baby wasn’t born, add the due date and engrave a pretty message of your choice. It is something extra special.

Wooden Night Light 

A night light is a must. It helps new moms to manage their stuff while babies are sleeping. And if you have already decided to give your new mom a night lamp, Mother-Child Bear or Elephant Wooden Night Light should be the pick. 

It is made up of wood material and comes engraved with two options, either mama bear and baby bear or mana elephant and baby elephant. Not only can you choose between these two but you can blue engrave the names and initials of the baby on this night light. This gift pick has the potential to make her happy. 

 Double Pom Pom Hats

Mother’s day is all about children, especially when she’s a new mom. So, while planning a mother’s day gift for a new mom, isn’t it a good idea to give something to the baby? If you found it considerable, Newborn Infant Winter Hat is for you. In the early days of life, children have to be protected from different seasons and that’s where this serves the best. 

You can customize it with the baby’s name and can order it in any color of your choice. Then, why wait? Grab it since the stock is about to end. 

Concluding note

Can’t think of a potential gift idea for new moms? Easy, Callie is an online store that works for accessories, gift pieces, other essentials, and much more. Here, we focus immensely on the quality of gifts to make customers’ experiences better. 

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