Looking For White Day Gifts For Grandparents? Here’s Your Curated List

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White Day means true love. And grandparents are the cutest who spread love unconditionally. Though it’s considered a romantic day, love is a lot more than that. And, why not celebrate another, loved-filled day with grandparents who love us immensely.

Check out these presents which are perfect for grandparents on White Day.

Let’s Complete The Tasks

Grandparents have worked hard all their lives bringing your parents and sometimes even you up. And now at their age, they deserve to not work hard and take a rest. But they need to do some sort of tasks for themselves like cooking or taking medicines. And, sometimes they forget to do their regular tasks. This White Day gives them this wonderful gift which will aid in this.

Our very own, Chore Chart Dry Erase Magnetic Task Board is here. This is a high-quality chore chart that is very easy to see. They can write up to 5 daily chores on the dry magnetic chart which they can tick off when done by sliding the slider to ‘done’.  They can choose the color of the erase marker according to their choice. Plus, it has very strong magnetics. This will allow for it to be stuck on a refrigerator or any magnetic surface that they’d like. This will help them to clearly remember what tasks they need to do. But the best part? It’s a vivid green color which is difficult to miss. So, this means they’ll never forget about their pending tasks. Also, you can get it customized too. The top part of this chart can have their name or any meaningful phrase as per their choice. Amazing, right!

Give this to your grandparents and make their life a bit easier.

Buy Here – https://www.callie.com/custom-child-name-chore-chart-dry-erase-magnetic-task-board

Custom Child Name Chore Chart Dry Erase Magnetic Task Board

Perfect Puzzle Tree

For grandparents, family is very important. And they love their family. After all, you are the third generation looking for the ideal White Day gift for them. The whole family with all three generations is a unique puzzle piece that all fits together to make something beautiful. And we’ve made this heartfelt concept into an even more exciting present idea for grandparents.

At Callie’s, we have Wooden Heart Family Unity Name Puzzle Décor. These walnut wood décor pieces are made up of many puzzle cut-outs that all come together to form a big heart. Each puzzle piece represents a family member and will have their respective names engraved. The base where the heart will stand can be personalized too with custom content. Get a lovely caring message pr phrase engraved for them. And the middle piece is a small heart where all the puzzle pieces mount onto. This small heart can also hold custom content like any precious family words that are meaningful for you all and would bring immense joy every time they look at it.

A rustic family décor depicts family’s love in the cutest way.

Buy Here – https://www.callie.com/personalized-wooden-heart-puzzle-family-name-puzzle

Wooden Heart Family Unity Name Puzzle Decor

Pets Are Family

Have you ever had any pets around growing up? Well, most families have cats or dogs in their house. And children and pets grow up co-existing with each other peacefully most of the time. So, when thinking about gifts for grandparents, a present that reminds them of this lovely memorable time is a good idea.

We have, Children Shape Name Charms Keychain that is cute and lightweight. A simple stainless-steel keyring that has pets and kids-shaped charms. The charms consist of cats and dogs and girls and boys. You can choose any charms or the number of charms that they’d love in the keychain. Plus, each charm will have its respective names on engraved it. You see, it’s a lovely present idea that withholds deep love for pets and children.

A keychain with a heartfelt meaning is useful and a simple present idea.

Buy Here – https://www.callie.com/custom-keychain-with-engraved-kids-and-pets-charms

Children Shape Name Charms Keychain

It’s More Than Photographs

Photographs are the perfect way to capture any moment that you have enjoyed. We make memories all the time, especially with grandparents. And we all know, that time flies very quickly. But pieces like photos and photo frames help lock in enchanting memories. And these pieces help us remind us of such unforgettable times.

So, our Personalized Photo Mugs are a helpful way to visit memory lane while enjoying any drink. It’s a ceramic mug that is big and can hold a huge amount of any beverage. They can sip on any cold or hot beverage that they like. But the best part is the photograph that will be printed on the mug. The white color mug will make the picture look more vibrant and richer in quality. Just choose the treasured memory like a trip with your grandparents or any birthday party’s fun moment and get it printed on the mug. A bonus tip, get two mugs printed with a photograph spilled into halves. So when your grandparents sit together to enjoy their respective preferred drink, the mug can combine and form the picture perfectly.

Let them enjoy their drinks while they remember the cherished memories.

Buy Here – https://www.callie.com/personalized-photo-mugs

Personalized Photo Mugs

Getting the ideal White Day gift for your grandparents can be hard and a bit overwhelming. But don’t stress, at our store, we have a variety of presents that are custom-tailored to your loving grandpa and nana. From elegant accessories to useful tools, we have it all. Visit Callie’s and be amazed.

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