24 Graduation Decoration Ideas To Add Glamour To Your Party

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Graduation is a thing of joy; it calls for a joyful part or get-together and this can be achieved with great decoration, themes, and party ideas. In this article, we’ll look at different decoration ideas that will be perfect for that upcoming graduation party and why we think they are great ideas.

Graduation Party Entrance Banner

You can make a big entrance banner at the front of the house or in the backyard to direct visitors to the right place where the party is going to take place. 

  1. Graduation Party Backdrop

It would be wonderful to have an eye-catching backdrop during the graduation party to highlight all that delicious cuisine! All you need are balloons with their graduating year and bright streamers.

  1. Confetti and Lights

Scatter confetti on tables, the floor, or the dessert table for a festive cheer. You can also hang string lights indoors or outdoors to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  1. A Memory Wall for the Graduate

You can create a memory wall that contains pictures of graduation from toddlerhood to the graduation ceremony. This shows everyone that the focus of the party is the graduate and also fosters a remembrance of the graduate’s past.

  1. A Customized Graduation Guestbook

Have a guest book that contains all the information of the guests at the graduation party. These guests have to provide some information that will be entered into the guest book before they can gain entrance to the party.

  1. Advice Tree

You can create a station where visitors can advise the graduates. In this station, place a small make-do tree with no branches and then distribute little cards for guests to write life lessons and wise comments. Give them little clothespins so they can attach their card to the tree.

  1. Paper Leis

If your graduation celebration will be held outside, you might want to make paper leis for the graduate and your guests to wear while having fun. For a different effect, you may also mix the cardboard colors or spray paint the petals in different colors. You can also allow your guests to make one each for the graduate as a fun party activity.

  1. Cash Wreath

Instead of giving the graduate cash, you can make a cute money wreath that can also be used as party décor. Using glue dots, put one-dollar bills in a wreath-like pattern around a wreath form. This can also be done and placed as a centerpiece on the party table.

  1. Graduation Boxes with Goodies

You can create small black boxes and put some candies, sweets, chocolate, and other goodies as a surprise for those who came early. If these black canisters are styled like doctoral caps with a variety of candies, sweets, or chocolates, you may fit in if you want to bake cupcakes too

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  1. Graduation-Themed Shirts

All the party guests can be made to wear only graduation shirts; this looks good in a group picture and also shows a sense of oneness among everyone at the party

  1. Graduation-Themed Water Bottles

Make the whole thing about the graduate, including the water that the visitors will drink at the party, You can add graduation labels to the water bottle; this makes it all special.

  1. Personalized Cake for Graduation

Make a tiered cake with all of your graduate’s favorite items and pastimes for a treat that is as distinctive as they are. Remember to write your congratulations in sweet letters!

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  1. Special Cupcake Toppers

You can make use of cupcake toppers to add a graduation vibe to your cupcakes. These toppers will include the graduate’s name, year, and some other things based on individual preferences.

  1. Photo Booth

This can serve as the perfect graduation party idea, as many pictures will surely be taken to celebrate with the graduate. You can add graduation decorations and lights to further make the photo booth appealing, along with hanging lights and balloons. 

  1. Memory Wall

You can create a memory wall for the graduates and add pictures from the onset of their lives to the most present phase, which is graduation. This shows the visitors the progress of graduation from infancy till date and it is considered a tourist attraction for a graduation party. 

  1. A Graduation Globe

You can make a globe the centerpiece for your graduation party. With a little paint, graduation quotes can be written on the globe, or even the name of the graduate and year. 

  1. A School-Colored Tablecloth and Curtains

You can pick out tablecloths that are colored in the school’s official color. The curtains can also align with the school’s color. This adds more life to the room or party location.

  1. Make Your Own Tassel Garland

Now that the graduation cap’s tassels have been ceremoniously moved, it’s time to celebrate with these bright paper ones. The garland is an affordable, bright, and enjoyable project. The party can be more interactive if everyone makes tassels for his or her neighbor.

  1. Party Hats

A party hat can be worn during the festival, and a little bit of coiled ribbon is added to the top to get everyone in the festive spirit. 

  1. Funny Chalkboard Messages

A chalkboard is a decorative idea that is also useful at graduation parties. It can be placed at the party center, and you can employ visitors to write funny things about it one after the other, This is an idea that will bring laughter and joy and increase love between party members. 

  1. Festive Ribbons

You can attach personalized ribbons with heartfelt congratulations and well wishes to the graduates’ dresses after they put off their graduation gowns and stoles. Also, you can supply the materials to the visitors and let them make a ribbon for the graduation.

  1. A Balloon Arch

Make a bold statement with balloons, and make a big balloon arch at the entrance of the party’s location. You can have them in varying colors or just one; you can make them as high as the roof as long as they won’t be a hindrance to anyone during the party.

  1. Graduation Cap Centerpieces

You can add different styles of graduation cap centerpieces to the table, for example, a graduation cap head down and filled with prop sticks of graduation and graduation pictures. A graduation cap as a centerpiece is a great decoration idea, as visitors will spend more time around the table.

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  1. Graduation Gifts

Make sure the gifts shared at the party contain graduation symbolism, like the name of the class, advice, quotes, and any other information that you wish to share with the graduate.


In a graduation certificate, the decorations and themes are super important and this article has dealt well with it. You should look into the list above and pick the one that resonates with you and your plans for the graduation ceremony. However, we should remember that the most important factor about the graduation ceremony is the celebrant. You should therefore not deal with food, drinks, and decorations and forget totally about celebrating happiness. For more decoration ideas or gift items for graduation, you can visit the Callie store to explore your options. There are gift items for everyone, and everything can be personalized to suit your preferences.