11 Gender Reveal Ideas: These Unique and Funny Ideas Will Surprise Your Audience

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One of the biggest moments in your pregnancy journey might be learning your baby’s sex. Parents may choose to reveal their baby’s gender to friends and family. If that’s something that interests you, here are 12 gender-revealing ideas. Some families held a gender reveal party, while others shared the news via social media. You’ll find fun, unique, cute, creative, easy, private, virtual, and more gender reveal ideas here.

What Is a Gender Reveal?

When you reveal your baby’s gender to your partner, friends, family, and colleagues, you are simply letting them know the sex of the child. During an ultrasound exam, such as the one you receive around 18 and 20 weeks, you can learn your baby’s gender. Some parents want to learn sex together at this appointment. In contrast, others want the ultrasound technician or doctor to write it down in a sealed envelope. This way, you, your partner, friends, and family can brainstorm surprising gender reveal ideas.

Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Here are some fun ways to reveal your baby’s gender. The following ideas will make your friends and family smile, laugh, and enjoy this exciting time!

1. Cutting the Cake

Order a cake from your favorite bakery with the sealed envelope revealing your baby’s gender inside. If the baby is a boy, the inside of the cake should be blue, and if she is a girl, it should be pink. The frosting should be a neutral color. Any setting can benefit from this simple gender reveal idea in front of family and friends and cut cake at a party. Consider making this a photo shoot for social media or postcards. 

2. Trivia Game

This idea is a fun way to reveal the baby’s gender. Although it requires a bit of preparation, you and your party guests will love it! Your task will be to create a trivia game based on facts or anecdotes about pregnancy, child-rearing, and the parents-to-be. Divide the guests into two teams, and the questions should be categorized according to gender. The parents-to-be should host this game! Here are some example questions:

  • Sarah is the name of how many girls?
  • Which is the most popular toy for boys? 
  • As a toddler, who grows taller, girls or boys?
  • How long has the mom-to-be been walking?
  • When did the dad-to-be get his first tooth?

Gather everyone in a circle. Put something blue (a token, candy, button, etc.) in the board’s middle whenever a team correctly answers a boy-related question. Your baby’s sex is determined by which gender had more items in the middle at the end of the game! This is a particularly fun gender reveal for parents and grandparents if you ask questions about the mom and dad-to-be.

3. Bows and Bowties

This activity involves your guests in the gender reveal party theme of bows and bowties. Make bow ties and bow ties for your guests. You can use cloth, ribbon, felt, or any other material. Make sure you include a way to attach them to clothing. 

Wear a bowtie or bow as your guests arrive to predict the gender of your baby. Your baby’s gender can be revealed when you’re ready, and whoever guesses correctly can win a small prize.

Twin Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveals with twins are doubly fun. You can choose from several genders and reveal ideas if you’re pregnant with twins, but they all make the surprise twice as exciting!

4. Nursery Reveal

Several of the most popular ways to reveal gender serve more than one purpose. The nursery will need to be prepared anyway, so you can combine that task with revealing the twins’ sex. You will need a gift from a relative or friend if you want to be a part of the surprise. Your parents or grandparents might approve of this gender reveal idea if they can help decorate the nursery!

In the nursery, place something that signifies genders, such as two framed photos of pink animals or a mobile with plush blue and pink toys. Take photos with the nursery or invite your party guests to see it.

5. Breakable Chocolate

In addition to being an excellent idea for a baby, gender reveals that breakable chocolate is also original and unique. It will take two breakable chocolates in any shape you choose. The baker will indicate the gender of your babies inside (hearts are always a good choice.) Food paints or colored sprinkles may be used on the inside. The gender of your baby twins will be revealed when you break the chocolate simultaneously as your partner, friend, or relative! This can be done at a party or by taking photos and sending them later.

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Now that you’re ready to dive into the gender reveal ideas for your baby, let’s start with some unique ways to share the news.

6. Lines in the Sand

In addition to being a unique gender reveal idea, it’s also quite an easy option, especially if you live near a beach. Your little boy or girl’s arrival can be announced by writing it in the sand with a stick. You can make this gender reveal idea simple or creative! Draw the word “BOY” or “GIRL.” Write something cute in the sand, such as “she’s almost here” or “he’s on his way.”

Once you’re done, take a picture of the stick on your belly. In this list, you’ll see many genders reveal picture ideas that make excellent framed gifts for parents or grandparents. As a creative pregnancy announcement, it’s also a good option.

7. Pop the Balloon

Pop the Balloon gender reveal

The baby gender always involves balloons, but this idea puts a unique spin on an old favorite. Make sure your opaque balloon is filled with blue or pink confetti by asking the store employee. The balloon must be opaque so the inside color can’t be seen! Keep it a secret by giving the employee the envelope revealing the sex of your baby. Take a picture of your partner, and you pop the balloon, or at a party with a loved one.

8. Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt

Having a scavenger hunt for a baby gender reveal is fun for many holidays and celebrations. Organize a treasure hunt for your family and friends to participate in. 

Send your guests on a quest to discover your baby’s gender by placing some clues in an envelope. The treasure hunt will take some planning, but you’ll have lots of fun watching everyone search for clues and witnessing that big reveal. Nursery rhymes, clues related to babies, hidden baby gear, and fun facts about pregnancy and childbirth are all possibilities! The nursery will need to be ready as your due date approaches!

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas

While many of our genders reveal cute ideas, we have a few that are sure to melt your loved ones’ hearts.

9. Baby Jumpsuit

Find a blue and pink jumpsuit at a baby store for the same price. You will need to hand the cashier a sealed envelope containing a slip of paper revealing your baby’s gender. You should ask the employee to wrap the jumpsuit that corresponds to the gender of your baby. Upon opening the box, you won’t be able to tell which jumpsuit you purchased since they are all the same price! While your gender reveals the party, you can reveal it to your family and friends.

10. Vote Boy or Girl

During your gender reveal party, ask your guests to vote on whether they think you’re having a boy or a girl. Remember to record who voted for each gender on the chalkboard or paper strips. Your baby’s sex will be revealed when the sealed envelope opens. Guests who correctly guess their gender will receive a small prize if they have a larger budget.

11. Gender Reveal Baby Shower Combo

You can combine the two by planning a gender-specific theme for your gender reveal party and baby shower. Let the party host know your baby’s sex in a sealed envelope and allow them to plan the theme and elements of the party secretly. Make sure cameras are in place on the day of your bash to capture you, your partner, friends, and family as you walk through the door.

The Bottom Line

When you reveal the gender of your baby, you can do it privately with your partner—or you can do it publicly through a virtual announcement, a letter, or a party with your friends, family, and colleagues. No matter what you decide, there are plenty of ways to make your future baby’s gender memorable. And if you’re among the ones invited over to a party, don’t forget to check out our latest collection of personalized gifts for infants and grown-up kids too. We hope these ideas will help you decide how to make your special announcement about your baby’s gender. 

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