33 Fabulous Ideas to Celebrate the Spirit Week in High School

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Spirit days are best to pass a layer of excitement in the students following the dry routine daily. Spirit week enables students to show unity and make memories. After all, high school is all about making memories to remember for a lifetime.

When deciding on the theme for spirit week, ensure it’s super-easy for students to follow. Find a theme that urges every student to say: “Yes! I am in!”. Here are some fantastic themes for celebrating high school spirit week. Have a look!

Ambition day

Students come to school showcasing their ambitions about what they want to become in the future. They dress up like a doctor, engineer, pilot, etc., depending on their aims in life.

Pajama day

The most challenging task for many students is to dress up for school. Let them come to school in pajamas on pajama day. It will surely be a fun-filled theme that every student will love to follow. Wake up, roll out of bed and appear in the classroom. Doesn’t it sound crazy yet funny?

Cap day

Let everyone in the school wear caps to break the school dress code. Specify the cap color for every grade to make the theme look more exciting.

Crazy day

The craziest fun is to dress up without following any rules.

Pattern day

Every student will wear a specific pattern on pattern day. The design can be a triangle, circle, zigzag, etc. And what if a student combines different patterns in a single outfit? It will let students easily participate and follow the theme.

Happy sunny day

Summer is all about the shining Sun. Wear sunglasses and get ready to enjoy summer at high school.

Senior day

If the senior class is about to graduate, add the senior day to the high school spirit week. Dress up like your favorite senior and enjoy.

Superhero day

We admire superheroes a lot. Some of the students love spiderman; others fall for the heroic batman. On superhero day, every student will wear his favorite character’s costume and enjoy.

Generosity day

Be generous and specify a day for charity. Do something for a good cause. For instance, helping the poor, etc.

Jeans day

Say bye to boring school uniform for a day and wear jeans to break the rules.

Stuffed toy day

Look back into childhood to recall your love for stuffed toys. Although high school students have nothing to do with stuffed toys, it’s pretty nice to be childish for a day.

Age day

Students can choose any age, from childhood to old age, and dress up accordingly. It’s also a great way to let them learn about the reality of the circle of life.

Musical instrument day

Make your high school memories worth remembering with your favorite musical instruments. Each person will wear a t-shirt that signifies a musical instrument or a musician. Students can play different instruments to add more fun, and each musical note will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

T-shirt day

It’s the simplest yet exciting task for students to wear the T-shirt of their choice.

Colorful day

Colors add life to a picture. Similarly, the colorful day will make your high school memories lively. Let the students wear the maximum number of colors in a single outfit. And see who wore the best combination!

Pair day

Every student makes a pair with their best friend, and each team wears the same outfit to stand out. It will be a fantastic way to show unity with your best friend.

Beach day

Dress up as if you are going for a picnic at the beach. This theme is great if you are deadly missing the sand and beach.

Cartoon character day

Cartoons are the best part of everyone’s childhood memory. Let the students dress up like their favorite cartoon characters. Too many cartoons in a high school. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

Picture recreation day

Ask students to bring their best childhood picture and try to recreate it. Choose the one who recreates the photo most accurately and appreciate them with a gift.

Favorite dish day

Fill your table with various dishes from pizza to rice and Italian. Every student will dress up to indicate their favorite food. It’s the best idea for foodies to celebrate spirit week.

Predict the fashion day

Have a look at students’ predictions about fashion. Everyone will dress up according to their perception of the future style. See what the students are planning to wear in their 30’s and 40’s.

Group coordination day

Students will make small groups to coordinate the outfit. Each group will wear the same outfit. Or what the least they can do is to wear a dress of the same color.

Slipper day

Students are often sick of wearing school shoes. Give them a relaxing day to relax and wear slippers.

Jocker day

Ask students to dress up like a jocker and crack lame jocks. They can also show off their circus skills if they have any.

Opposition day

Twinning is exciting, and so is opposing. You can choose an opposition day theme to celebrate spirit week. Let the students make pairs and wear contradicting outfits like black and white, dark and light, dull and vibrant, eastern and western, etc.

Face painting day

Painting your face for going to school will sound super-exciting to students. Let the students be as creative as they can for the face painting. Think that sky is the limit to extracting creativity from the students.

Polka dot day

Polka dots never get outdated. Almost everyone has a shirt with polka dots. The variety of polka dots (small and big) will create a visionary scene at the school.

80s day

Dress up like in the 80s to see who plays the best role in bringing the past into the present.

Messy hair day

Students often get tired of climbing their hair to come to school. Keep your hair messy to celebrate the spirit day with full zeal and zest. It’s a theme that everyone can participate in. Neither a prop nor a costume is required. A little bit of mess will be pretty enough to participate and have fun in the spirit week.

Mom and dad day

Parents are ideal for their children. Boys want to become like their fathers, and girls want to look like their mothers. “Mom and dad day” urges students to copy their mom and dad in dressing and looks. It’s fun to copy and dress up like someone you admire so much in your life. Plus, it’s super-easy to follow as every one of us is observing our parents from the very first day in this world.

Animal day

Show your love for animals by dressing up like your favorite animal. A cat, dog, or whatever you love will work. You can also turn it into a pet day by dressing up indicating your pet.

Pool day

Summer calls for a relaxing pool day at high school. Dress in the swimming costumes and get ready to dive into the refreshing swimming pool. If you celebrate spirit week in summer, you must add pool day to your list.

Ninja and pirates’ day

We often see ninjas and pirates in cartoons and movies. Dress up like pirates and ninjas to celebrate spirit week. This weird idea will surely be super-entertaining for everyone.


I hope this post helped you set the themes for spirit week at high school. All these ideas are mind-blowing and will let students make many memories together. They will take part in it enthusiastically to play and laugh together. What about giving cute gifts to those who best followed the theme in spirit week? Consider Callie for finding the best gifts for high school students. Best of luck with your spirit week!

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