Fun Gifts Guide for Modern Day Mom For Mother’s Day

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Even for mothers who say they don’t need anything; we have compiled a collection of gifts to delight every kind of mom in a fun and exciting way. We’ve researched thoroughly while analyzing a modern-day Mother and her needs, and compiled a list of useful gifts that you can give her this Mother’s Day.

So, go ahead and make her feel special and show her how much you love her with these gifts.

It’s Yoga All The Time

Our modern-day mothers are big into fitness, especially yoga. And yoga is definitely good for your health. Therefore, if your mother is a yoga fanatic, buying her something athleisure is a very cliché route that you can take. Probably because she already has what you are thinking to buy. Or, worse, you don’t have the budget. So, here is the flawless gift for your yogistic mother.

At Callie’s, we have this beautiful and robust Adjustable Yoga Beads Bracelet. This is a very delicate-looking bracelet with natural stones. These 7 stones are said to represent each inner strength of your body. By wearing this it boosts your energy levels while doing yoga or meditation. But leaving this aside, it’s a multicoloured bracelet that sits elegantly on the wrist. With adjustable straps, you can also pick and choose any colour according to your mother’s preference.

This simple gift is a lot more valuable than mothers day letter for a yoga active mother.

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5-Star Dining On Any Adventure

For anyone who loves to go on adventure trips like hiking or camping, eating food is a bit of a hassle. Eating with those plastic cutleries sometimes just doesn’t do it. And the flavorful slow-cooked fire-roasted meat suddenly becomes a struggle. Plus, a lot of germs and bacteria get exchanged while eating because everybody is out and about sharing plates. For those mothers who love taking such adventures, we have a solution for this.

Our Customized Portable Stainless-Steel Cutlery Set with Case is a portable cutlery set that will solve all the dining issues. It has everything. And I mean everything. Two types of straws, their cleaner, chopsticks, fork, knife, and even a spoon. Nothing else is needed when this set it snuggled in the backpack. This high-quality steel set comes in a case, so no stress of losing something. Plus, you can choose from different styles like a rainbow, rose gold, black and so much more. But the best part about this is that it’s customizable. You can add your mother’s names on each utensil as well as on the case in any font and colour. How cool is that!

Give her something that she’ll remember on those picnics instead of mothers day poems from child.

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Strumming Is Fun

Music is a universal language that is spoken and understood by all the people around the world. You can find music in almost everything. And if your mother plays still plays the guitar or has plans of learning it in the future, this gift will make her smile immensely.

We have an Engraved Guitar Capo. These aren’t just regular capo. They are designed with a rare wood grain to match perfectly with the guitar. Therefore, these only come in colour for you to choose for her. One is red chestnut and the other one is golden oak. You can choose the clipping angle as well. These articulated wooden capos are a collector’s item to have in the musical collection. Also, you can get their name engraved along with special mothers day sayings on it in either black or white.

Let her strum in style and you click mothers day pictures.

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The Ring Of Love

Most mothers love to wear meaningful jewelry So, why should we skip, it from this list. There’s always a reason behind a certain piece of jewelry for mothers. They get attached to it very easily. Though everyone has their preference, this ring set will surely win her heart.

So, our Stacking Monogram Ring is our choice of ring to present to your mother. The modern and elegant lace design features 3 pieces. She either stacks them up to wear or just wears the middle piece. It’s up to her. All the pieces have sparkling crystals all around them which elevate the overall look of the hands. But here is the most intricate part. The middle of the main ring has a monogram feature which you can customize with 3 initials. You can choose to get her names initials, or your 3 family member names initials or even her’s and yours only. This thoughtful gift can match any outfit for any occasion.

With that, you don’t have to wait for mothers day sale to present her with an exquisite piece of jewelry.

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Get Messy With No Stress

Our mothers work day and night for us. Whether she’s a working mother or a house maker, her clothes sure get dirty more often than you think. Either in the kitchen cooking for us, doing the laundry, or just plain gardening. This is exactly why we’ve got this amazing thing for her.

Our very own, Canvas Work Shop Aprons with Pockets & Leather Strap. Let her work in style with this classy yet minimalistic looking apron. This cotton apron with leather straps is made of high-quality material that makes it durable. This Japanese-inspired trendy apron is multi-purpose. The big and spacious pockets allow carrying tools and smartphones. Plus, you can even get it customized for your mother.

This is available in a variety of colours for you to pick for her. Also, you can get her name tag attached to the chest portion of it, with her name printed. Nifty isn’t it! Plus, the neck and back straps are all adjustable, so she can work in comfort with style.

This is why giving her this is much better than mothers day roses. Atleast this will not wilt away and will be useful for all her chores.

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