Handwriting Artworks on Mother’s Day

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If a product can touch people’s hearts and spirits, then such a product is in line with our original design intention. Our customized products are intended to give each unique life testimony of existence in this world. The integration of personal characteristics and product value is the meaning of creation.

The Story

Once we have met a guest and shared her own story with us, this story’s protagonist is her father and mother. Due to her father’s early death, her mother was immersed in depression all year round, and life was just bleak for her. In the narration with us, the daughter recalled that in the past few years, she has always been looking for objects that can project her thoughts and feelings during her mother’s aimless time.

Among the objects that her husband had used, she cherished the letters she wrote to herself when she first met her. These were the mainstays of her life. On the slightly yellowed and curled letter paper, every word, every punctuation mark, is a treasure in her eyes today. The old laughter and swearing, joys and sorrows, love and affection on the letters, vividly depicted on papers. The time of the past and the light and shadow of the present are intertwined before her eyes.

The dead are already there, and the livings are like this. I think every reader should be able to understand the grief of this mother for losing her husband. Later, by coincidence, this daughter saw a necklace of handwritten letters in our online shop, and the delicate cut surface was shining, which immediately touched her heart. Her eyes lit up, thinking that there was a signature by her father at the end of each letter. Isn’t the signature of a book the most suitable necklace pendant? She imagined that when her mother was wearing a necklace, it was like her husband accompanied her. On the chest close to the heart, the words of her husband were the warmest necklace in winter.

When ordering our products, this lady was very eager and looking forward to it. She hoped to give this necklace as a gift to her mother before Mother’s Day. In the communication with our team, we learned this touching story. Our designer received the signature photo from this lady and traced her father’s signature manuscript intact according to the handwriting on the photo. After the lady’s confirmation, experienced jewelry craftsmen used fine cutting and polishing techniques to create this profound pendant product.

The lady said that when her mother received the necklace, she was very thrilled and excited. She had tears in her eyes and almost choked up. After stroking her husband’s handwriting on the necklace with her fingers, she couldn’t wait to put the necklace on. Since then, the daughter has often seen her mother smiling and stroking the position of her chest necklace. She guessed that this was the mother’s unique communication with her father.


What Does Callie Want to Say

I believe that this necklace not only contains the love of husband and wife, although they can’t company each other the whole life, and it also has the deep and warm love of mother and daughter, the true love of the world. This necklace has gone through the washing, brewing and precipitation of time, and in the end, it will give the family the most profound nourishment, comfort and gifts, and become a witness of their deep love.

To Be Continued

Stories like this, we can encounter many in the process of selling products. There are too many to mention because every product has its own story in it. For us, being able to participate in every customer’s story and help them leave precious memories is not the original intention of our customized products? We are so lucky to be the listener and guardian of every story so that every product has its own destination.

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