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February Birth Flowers: Violets and Primroses

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February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s packed with floral beauty in the form of two vivid and meaningful birth flowers. Whether you’re celebrating a February birthday or you simply appreciate the symbolism of blooms, we’ll help you understand the origin and meanings of February’s birth flowers and provide some interesting facts about them.

What are February Birth Flowers?

The month of February has two vibrant birth flowers – Violets and Primroses. These contrasting blooms mirror the month itself. While February can still hold onto winter’s chill, it also has the first hints of spring’s renewal.


Violets are low-growing flowers with heart-shaped leaves and five deep purple petals. These flowers thrive in shady, moist environments like woodlands and grasslands. While delicate in appearance, they are surprisingly tough—some can even bloom through light snowfall. The violets are associated with spirituality, humility, and faithfulness.

Origin and History

Violets have captivated humans across cultures for thousands of years, particularly in ancient Greek and Roman folklore. But their origins can be traced back even further to the Alpine regions of Europe and Asia.

One of the earliest known mentions of violets comes from ancient Athens around 500 B.C. The famous philosopher Pythagoras suggested that these flowers could treat diseases by purifying the blood. In Rome, violets symbolized fertility and were used in love potions.

During the Middle Ages, violets grew popular across Europe. Soon after, violets became symbolic of humility during the Renaissance. This stemmed from stories of the Virgin Mary’s appreciation for their beauty.

Violet Colors and Meanings

We often picture violets in rich purple hues, but these delicate flowers actually occur in many other shades—each with its own symbolic meaning. Let’s explore the diverse colors of violets.

Purple Violets

The deep purple shades are the most iconic. Purple violets represent spiritual wisdom attained through humility, as well as faithful, enduring love. 

White Violets

With their pure and flawless petals, white violets symbolize innocence and honesty. In Christianity, they represent the Virgin Mary’s purity of spirit.

Yellow Violets

Yellow violets are some of the rarest types of violet species. These flowers signify high ideals, spiritual worth, and creative inspiration.

Some Interesting Violets Facts 

Here are some interesting and fun facts about violets and their symbolism:

  1. Violets are edible flowers with a sweet, perfumed flavor similar to rose petals.
  2. Many violet species have heart-shaped leaves, adding to their appeal as symbols of love.
  3. Violets are also rich in vitamins A and C.
  4. Wild violet leaves are used as herbal remedies for insomnia, skin conditions, and headaches.
  5. In Ancient Rome, violets were often used in love potions.
  6. The violets are also used as a symbol of LGBT pride.


Primroses are among the first perennial flowers to bloom in early spring, especially in cooler climates. These low-growing plants form rosette shapes with leaves hugging the ground. Primroses feature five delicate petals that can appear in a rainbow of colors – yellow, white, pink, red, purple, and blue. Many varieties give off a light, sweet floral scent that attracts pollinators like butterflies and bees.

Origin and History

Primroses is a flower native to the Eurasia region, with evidence of their cultivation dating back to ancient Greek and Roman times. However, their origins can be found in the mountainous regions of southwest Asia and the Caucasus.

One of the earliest written records comes from the Greek philosopher Theophrastus around 300 BC, who described primroses blooming in coastal areas. Its scientific name “Primula” derives from the Latin word “Primus” which means “first” or “prime”, referring to their status as one of the earliest spring flowers.

Primroses Colors and Meanings

Primroses occur in a vibrant rainbow of shades with different symbolic meanings. Here’s what the diverse colors of primroses signify:

Yellow Primroses

Sunny yellow petals represent the youthful, life-affirming spirit of primroses. It also conveys optimism and joy—the embodiment of spring’s renewal.

White Primroses

These primroses symbolize modesty, humility, and spiritual devotion. In Christianity, they represented the sacrifices of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

Pink Primroses

The delicate pink shades carry meanings of innocence, grace, and gentle femininity. In Victorian times, giving a loved one pink primroses conveyed warm affection.

Red Primroses

These vivid red bloomers symbolize deep passion, desire, and strong will. 

Purple and Blue Primroses

Rich purple and blue hues signify spiritual wisdom, truth, dignity, and faithfulness in challenging times. They can also represent the blending of spiritual and romantic love.

Some Interesting Primroses Facts

Here are some of the most fascinating facts about Primroses:

  1. Primroses are among the first flowers to bloom in spring.
  2. Both the flowers and leaves of primroses are edible. They add a mildly sweet flavor to salads and desserts.
  3. There are over 500 species of Primula genus which includes a variety of primroses cultivated in different forms, sizes, and colors.
  4. Some Native American tribes used the stems of primroses as hairbrushes.
  5. The largest primrose flower can reach up to 5 inches in diameter.
  6. Primroses can also be crystallized and made into primrose wine.

Celebrate Birthday with Birth Flower Gifts

February’s beautiful violets and primroses make thoughtful presents for any occasion. Here are some creative ways to include these flowers in your birthday gifts:

Birth Flower Glass Tumbler

Celebrate your February-born loved ones with a personalized birth flower glass tumbler. This 17oz glass vessel features laser engraving of their name alongside beautiful violets design on the silicone sleeve and bamboo lid. It’s an eco-friendly and reusable tumbler which comes with a matching bamboo straw—perfect for sipping their favorite beverages on-the-go.

Birth Flower Leather Tri-Fold Wristlet Wallet

This stylish leather tri-fold wristlet wallet features a beautifully printed bouquet design showcasing February’s birth flower – the elegant violet along with your recipient’s name. Its premium artificial leather exterior gives it a luxury look while providing durable, lasting quality. The tri-fold design offers optimal organization with multiple card slots, a zippered coin pocket, and even a built-in card holder. A wristlet strap allows hands-free carrying. 

Birth Flower Makeup Brush Bag

Surprise the February birthday girl with a personalized birth flower makeup brush bag. Our compact and travel-friendly case comes with a custom design which shows her birthmonth’s symbolic bloom along with her name. The vegan leather exterior offers a chic and durable aesthetic. Inside, eight professional-quality makeup brushes with ultra-soft bristles are included, catering to all her makeup needs.

Final Thoughts

February’s birth flowers, violets and primroses, symbolize the spiritual wisdom of humility, as well as the youthful vitality and rebirth. Both these flowers make for meaningful gestures to honor February birthdays. Looking for some more creative ideas to include birth flowers in your presents? Explore Callie’s selection of birth flower gifts to celebrate the special people in your life born during the year’s shortest month.