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Top Trending 12 Golf-Inspired Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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This Father’s Day, give your dad a gift he won’t forget by treating him to best golf gifts – it’s the perfect way to show him how much you care!

You might be in a bind right now trying to find Father’s Day gifts that incorporate his passion for golf. Look no further! We have a unique collection of Father’s day golf gifts for dad that he will enjoy all year long.

So, settle down with a hot brew and explore these best Father’s Day golf gift ideas.

Cotton Golf Towel

This 100 percent Cotton Golf Towel makes a great gift and is equally a great attachment to your bag; better still, they come at a great price. The towel is a great way to nail your colors to the mast or, instead, your golf bag. Not only that, it features an embroidered logo and has a scrubber design for easier cleaning and a swivel clip for ease of attachment. 

You can also add your father’s name on the towel and pick out the towel color according to what he likes.  

Golf Beer Glass

Beer is the drink that adults have when trying to chill and relax. And if your dad has a beer or two, you can give him this lovely gift to enhance his beer-drinking experience. 

We have created this Golf Beer Glass product to maintain the golf lifestyle off the course. A perfect gift for a father who loves playing golf. The glass is thin, light, and beautifully balanced, with the ribbed, hollowed-out base making it easy to hold while helping to produce foamy white heads that rise and release giddily hoppy aromas.

Also, the glass has an absolute golf ball added to make it memorable. You can add custom content to the golf ball, like your father’s image or text. 

Photo Golf Ball 

In the game of golf, the golf ball is the most crucial element. And since you know your father loves gold, why not give him an actual golf ball with his face on it. At Callie’s, we have Photo Golf Ball.

We have made a real-life golf ball a work of art. Get your pop smiling face on the golf ball, and he can showcase it to his friends. He can play with the ball or display it on his gold shelf if he would like. 

Golf Maker Divot

Just like any other game, gold isn’t only about the gold stick and the ball. Many tools come in handy and make the game more smooth. The Golf Maker Divot is a solid, U-shaped tool with two slightly raised prongs that give golfers the perfect angle for repairing their divots on the green. The entire golf tool is made from a high-gloss zinc alloy that is always guaranteed to shine. You can also add custom content to the divot to make it unique for your father. 

The symbol of the golf is printed by default. You can add your father’s name and a heartfelt message on the divot. You can also select the divot’s color per your father’s liking. 

Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip

A ball marker is useful when playing on a crowded course or tournament. This customizable Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip is the perfect gift for the dad who loves to be a little extra.

He can easily attach the marker clip to his hat. Various patterns are available for marker hat clips. You can also add custom text on the market to make it more personalized for him. 

Golf Wall Art

Golf wall art lets your father showcase his love for golf as he puts it on display. While it also upgrades the decor of his room. 

At Callie’s, we have Golf Wall Art. The wall art is metal and has the golf stick and golf ball carved out with no sharp edges. You can have your dad’s name on it too. Moreover, this precious piece is made with high-quality material to withstand the test of time. 

Cooler Bag

When out and about golf, your father needs a Personalized Cooler Bag. This engraved cooler bag can hold six-plus bottles and keep them cold for a long time. You can have your father’s name printed on the cooler bag. 

Can Cooler Cover

During golf, it can get hot. And enjoying a chilled can of beer while playing is a good idea. So, to keep the can cold for a long time and make the can look fashionable, we have a Can Cooler Cover

The cover is made with insulation that ensures the drink stays cold for a long time. You can select the cover color as per your father’s choice. You can even print your dad’s funny face all over the can to make it a fun, playful father’s day golf gift. 

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are typically used to protect against the sun. Our Bucket Hat is made with an ultra-soft material for extra comfort. The bucket hat also has an anti-fog cover that protects against smoke, fogs, snow, etc. And if your father wants to remove it, he can do that too. 

Golf Bobblehead

This personalized bobblehead is based on the photos and ideas you provide. Callie gifts will turn your photos into 3D figurines to look like the person on the image. Woods’ classic Sunday outfit of a red shirt and black pants is on point, even if he’s giving the laziest fist pump we’ve ever seen from the 14-time major champ. Moreover, the heads and bodies are handmade from high-quality resin. The colors you see in the pictures are the material’s actual colors.

Lifelike expressions and nuanced sculptures in every detail will keep your fond memories. You can also place it on your desk, window, home, or office. Once you see it, fond memories will unfold in your dad’s eyes.

Golf Necklace

This Customizable Necklace lets you personalize your name or monogram on the laser-engraved golf necklace. A perfect gift for a golf lover father. The necklace is a great gift for golfers, fans, and enthusiasts, which can be worn daily to show the personality or as a vital game memorial! Choose the font you like, and use different styles to create one-of-a-kind sports jewelry! This golf necklace will make your dad stand out on the golf course.

Golf Bag Sack

Each golf ball storage Golf Bag Sack is made of high-quality flannel and designed with embroidery and a funny shape. Exquisite quality makes this ball bag durable and long life. This novelty-designed golf ball bag is not only a fashionable sports accessory but a portable sack that can hold about nine golf balls and 12 golf tees. The hook makes the personalized sacks attached to your belt loop, golf bag, or shopping cart.

Pick your father’s favorite color and add his name on the sack. 

Closing Thoughts

The above list has covered all the things a golf love father ever wants. But if you want more options, you can check out our separate collection of Golf Lover Gifts. Or visit our store Callie’s direct to find unique personalized gifts for your pops. 

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