20 Festive Christmas Games for Kids: Lots of Festive Fun

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The holidays are approaching, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a ton of kid-friendly games. We have everything you need to keep the holiday spirit alive at home or when hosting a children’s Christmas party. We’ve searched high and low, as well as the internet, to offer you 20 Christmas games that your little elves will not soon forget.

Santa Says

Think of it like Simon Says with a holiday twist. The children obey Santa’s instructions, which include “touch your nose” and “hop like a reindeer.” They remain in place if Santa doesn’t say so. More information about this game is available here.

Poke A Tree 

Present-giving gets a new twist with the Poke-A-Tree Game, where gifts are hidden inside a colorful Christmas tree instead of under it. This game, which was created as a fun Christmas activity for kids, adds a twist of surprise and suspense, where kids can take turns punching through the layers of tissue paper covering the tree to uncover hidden prizes. A full tutorial is available here

Snowman Slam 

The rule of the game is simply to draw a face on a big cardboard box, cut out the mouth, and use white bean bags to represent “snowballs.” Children attempt to put the snowballs in the snowman’s mouth in turns. Details about how to properly play this game are available here.

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Christmas Bingo

Make bingo cards with Santa, reindeer, and ornaments as the holiday motif. Children highlight the correct photos on their cards when you call out descriptions.

TikTocToe Cookies

See the kids plan and battle to make the most delicious winning combination on their edible Tic-Tac-Toe boards. Arrange stations featuring bowls of icing, pre-baked sugar cookies, and a variety of festive toppings. With this edible game that’s as much fun to play as it is to eat, let the kids let their imaginations run wild. Tutorials are available here

The Shelf Elf Scavenger Hunt

Place little elf figurines throughout the house, then give the kids clues or riddles to figure out how to go to the next elf spot. The details and materials needed for the game is all availabe here.

Candy Cane Hunt

Hide candy canes throughout your home or yard for the Candy Cane Hunt. Youngsters look for the concealed goodies, and the winner is the one who discovers the most. Get the details here

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Make a big image of Rudolph without his nose crimson. Put the children in blindfolds, turn them around, and ask them to attempt and locate Rudolph’s nose.

Christmas Charades

Put actions associated with Christmas on the cards. Children alternately draw cards and play out the scene while others make educated guesses. Christmas charades are easy to play, but if you need help with more information about the game, it is available here

Minute to Win It Cup Stacking

A fun and competitive Christmas game for youngsters, Minute to Win It Cup Stacking adds a little rivalry to the holidays. For one minute, participants must use only one hand to stack plastic cups into a pyramid shape. The difficulty is in the quickness and accuracy needed to build a sturdy framework. The full details of the game are available here.

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Santa’s Beard Relay

Set up teams by dividing the children into groups. Assign a dish of cotton balls to every squad. Each team member puts petroleum jelly on their face and then decorates it with cotton balls to resemble Santa’s beard. The team with the best finish wins.

Christmas Memory Game 

Make matching cards with Santa, trees, and ornaments as the theme. After mixing them, place them facedown. Children turn over two cards in pairs, looking for matches.

Gingerbread House Decorating

Give each kid a pre-made gingerbread house along with a variety of brightly colored candies and frosting. Allow them to let their inner designers run wild and start decorating.

Jingle Bell Toss

This game adds a fun competitive element to the holiday party as kids take turns tossing jingle bells into buckets with different point values. Create a warm and eye-catching playing area by setting up a distinct tossing area with vibrant buckets decorated with Christmas lights.

.You can get more details here

Christmas Pictionary

Get ready with words or sentences with a Christmas theme. Children alternately sketch it and guess what it is. To keep things going, set a timer.

Santa’s Workshop Relay

Create a course of obstacles with various “workstations.” Children sprint through the course, accomplishing jobs like gift delivery, packing stockings, and wrapping presents.

Reindeer Ring Toss Game 

Make your own or buy rings and antlers from reindeer. To score points, children alternately toss the rings onto the antlers.

Christmas Freeze Dance

Play upbeat music and get the kids moving. They have to freeze when the music goes off. Anyone found moving is removed. The winner is given a big cookie. 

Christmas Karaoke

Set up Christmas music on a karaoke machine. Allow the children to perform their beloved holiday songs on stage.

Hot Cocoa Bar 

Make a homemade hot chocolate station and add sprinkles, whipped cream, and marshmallows as toppings. Permit the children to personalize a cocoa cup.

Essential Materials for Christmas Kid’s Game

  1. Tinsel, Ornaments, and Lights: Adorn the gaming area with Christmas-themed décor to create a joyful environment. Santa hats and reindeer antlers are great additions to give the youngsters a little additional festive flair while they play.
  2. Crafting Supplies: Markers and construction paper are ideal for making signs or props with a Christmas theme for the games. 
  3. Materials Unique to a Game: For games like Santa’s Beard Relay or Snowball Toss, bean bags or plush snowballs work well.
  4. Letterhead: for making game cards for games like Christmas Memory Game or Christmas Bingo, index cards, or paperwork.
  5. Pens and markers: Required for any drawing activity, such as writing hints or drawing on gingerbread houses.
  6. Audio and Music Instruments: Create a joyful atmosphere by selecting songs for your playlist.
  7. The stopwatch or timer: A timer is necessary for games like Jingle Bell Limbo and Christmas Pictionary that have time constraints.
  8. Basic First Aid Supplies for a First Aid Kit: Mishaps can occur, particularly when children are agitated. You can be ready for minor cuts and scratches by keeping a modest first aid kit.

In Conclusion

The above list of 20 Christmas games is sure to bring happiness and humor to your holiday gatherings. These games will keep the kids occupied, whether you’re throwing a big Christmas party or just looking for some family entertainment. Put on your Santa hats, round up your elves, and start the games of celebration!

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