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14 Beach Wedding Gifts for Guests That You Must Know About

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A wedding venue just as you wanted, next to the beach, packed with guests, family and friends – sounds like a dream, no? 

In wedding ceremonies, guests play a significant role. Not only do they enhance and elevate your happy moments, but they also make you feel special. 

Therefore, it’s a brilliant idea to welcome your friends with gifts that make them realize they are important too, just as you are for them. 

This article revolves around 14 beach wedding gifts for guests to make them feel delighted and excited like you. So, without any further ado, let’s jump in. 

Some amazing gift picks to make your wedding guests feel special

A multipurpose bottle opener

What could be a better gift for your wedding guests than a multipurpose bottle opener? This Magnetic Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet comes with a dual self that serves both aesthetic looks and practical needs. 

A personalized nature allows you to customize it with the picture of each guest, putting forward a vibe of effort and care. Since your wedding day has to be memorable, this will keep your loved ones reminded of the special moment of your life for many years to come. The unique design and iron and magnetic creation make it suitable for men and women. 

A can cooler in various colors 

Wedding ceremonies are all about food and drinks. Therefore, a can cooler may serve as an ideal yet helpful gift for your loved ones. 

Personalized Wedding Beer Can Cooler Covers Set is available in 12 different colors. You do not have to purchase different pieces for each guest since it comes in a pack of 12. The tight fit, bright colors and easy-to-use self make it most loved by people around the world. 

A carabiner with a customized self

Carabiners are a safety essential. Whether you are at the beachside or somewhere in a desert, having a set of these safety tools always gets you covered. The Engraved Name Carabiner has a compact yet solid self that can be engraved with the name of your beloved guest. The custom design and multiple color options make it a must-have. 

A versatile beachside bag

A bag comes in handy at all times at a beachside. So, why not it as a wedding gift for guests? The Customized Beach Style Canvas Bag has more to itself than you could imagine. The entirely customizable self makes it worth the cost. You can engrave a picture of your preference on the front with the colors of your choice. Moreover, the capacity offered makes it versatile, i.e., suitable for all needs.

A custom made wine stopper 

To secure the original taste of wine, a wine stopper with perfect fitting is necessary. So, here’s our Custom Photo Badge Crystal Wine Stopper

It is not only an essential but can be a perfect gift pick for your wedding guests. The option to be engraved with a picture of your loved one, the quality and uniqueness make it perfect for all special occasions.

Handmade coasters in wood material

We understand that you want everything to be personalized on your big day. Thus, a Personalized Wedding Favor Cork Coaster can be your pick. These coasters can be customized by engraving the bride and groom’s names and initials. Also, you can choose a shape as per your preference. Cute. 

A luggage tag 

The luggage tag is a necessary thing when it comes to traveling. It helps in identifying to whom the luggage belongs. Personalized Acrylic Laser Luggage Tag comes with a unique self. You can engrave not only the name of your honorable guests but also their phone numbers. This feature helps a lot in the cases of lost luggage. 

Beach towels with name and initials

What can be a better gift than something that gives you a personalized Vibe? Nothing, right? Our list includes Beach Towel with a Name as a cute wedding gift for guests. 

This towel is made of soft and skin-friendly material that feels lightweight whenever used. There are many color options available and you can get it engraved with names and initials. Brilliant?

A box that keeps the jewelry safe 

For beachside weddings, it’s a good idea to be more prepared than at any other wedding. And to help your guests sort their small belongings like jewelry, Portable Jewelry Case with Name can be a great idea. 

This beachside wedding not only comes with a beautiful self with Engraved initials but also offers spacious internal space that can keep your small belongings safe and secure. Furthermore, the color options help elevate the whole thing to the next level.

Beautiful bags with names 

The Customized Bohemian Straw Bucket Bags for Wedding is a useful pick when talking about potential gifts for wedding guests. You can engrave your guests’ names at the front, allowing them to keep their things sorted and altogether. The material of this bag makes it robust for all situations, especially if you are attending a beach wedding. The spacious interior, pretty exterior, and reasonable rates are all the good things that make it a potential gift. 

A beautifully designed seat sign

Make your guests feel special by reserving their seats with this beautiful yet  Personalized Memorial Seat Sign. You get a chance to engrave any text of your preference. It can be a note telling your guests that their presence has made your event more beautiful or any other piece of appreciation and honor. 

The color choice of the board and the ribbon is up to you. Since memorable occasions like weddings are best celebrated with your loved ones, it is a good opportunity to tell them what they mean to you. 

An out of the box wedding invitation

Inviting your loved ones to your special event is always an exciting thing to do. People go with different invitation styles and trends to make their invitation memorable for many years to come. So, if you can’t come up with a unique idea, let us suggest you the best one. The Personalized Wooden Wedding Card Box is not just a stylish way to send your wedding invitation but can also be a beautiful gift for your guests. 

The wooden structure makes it last for many years to come. You can engrave the names of the guests in the font style of your preference. Not only this, they can bring it to the beachside wedding without any hassle. Amazing!

An elegant piece of home decor

Wedding occasions take place only once in a lifetime. Thus, it’s wise to make all those who celebrate with you feel special with small efforts like wedding favors. Personalized Butterfly Mirror is an excellent option if you can’t decide on potential wedding gifts for guests. 

The elegant design makes it suitable for everyone. Also, you can give it a personalized touch by engraving the names and initials of your guests on it. The color can be chosen as per the preference as options are available. So, don’t let second thoughts hold you back.

Goody bags 

This last but not the least option reminds us of those childhood days when the only happiness of attending weddings was to get those pretty goody bags. The best thing about them is that they never go out of trend. 

So if you can’t finalize a wedding gift for guests, Personalized Wedding Goody Bags is all you need. These pretty bags are entirely customizable and are available in different sizes and colors. You can Personalize ones for your wedding as per your creativity and ideas. 


We hope our article helps you decide on the best gift picks to make your wedding event memorable forever. We offer personalized gifts and accessories to let customers enjoy and cherish moments with their loved ones to the fullest. 

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