Perfect to Choose Birthstone Rings as Mother’s Day Gifts

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Rings are a kind of jewelry people can wear in daily life, so they are so popular among most women globally. Sending a ring as a gift for your mom will never make a mistake. Every mom will love this ring she got very much. And no matter in any occasion, a ring is so suitable to wear for any characteristics of women. These rings stand for the unbreakable bond between mom and kids. Mother’s Day rings will be cherished forever.

Unfortunately, Mother’s Day rings never got their deserved attention. Few people know how meaningful a mother’s ring and how surprised the ring will bring. Today, Callie is here to explain the value of a Mother’s Day ring. You will know clearly about how Mother’s Day ring looks like and what does it mean. You will also learn how to personalize a unique ring for your mom or yourself (as a mom, you deserve this). Callie will introduce you some Mother’s Day rings in the end of the blog.

1. What do mother’s rings look like?

Mother’s Day rings usually have two features: engraving and birthstones. Usually, people will engrave kids’ names on the ring band and engrave some greeting words inside the ring to express their gratitude. Although engraving is an essential part of Mother’s Day rings, Callie will focus on the birthstones inlaid on the ring because birthstones have so much meaning and colorful shining advantages. Those birthstones will make a Mother’s Day ring unique and magnificent.

2. Why put gemstones in a mother’s ring?

Those birthstones you personalized will be children’s birthstones because this ring aims to remember her kids. What will be more beautiful than wearing sparkling birthstones? All Mother’s Day rings will be more stylish, elegant and meaningful.

3. What are birthstones?

The different month has different birthstones, which is similar to twelve constellations and people own their birthstone. If you want to know about birthstones, you can continually look through the blog. Someone really likes the meaning of these birthstones, while someone prefers more the meaning of each birthstone.

4. Where did birthstones originate?

Since the 5th century, birthstones are popular among people in ancient western countries. Some scholars believe that each birthstone has a different value and function. People will be healthier or get luckier by wearing those birthstones on fingers, necks, or ears.

5. What are the birthstones for each month?

6. How can you incorporate birthstones into a mother’s ring?

You have two options to put your birthstone on the Mother’s Day ring. They both have beautiful effects.

1) By birth-month

People use birthstones to symbolize their children’s birth month, which is simple and essential. That can remind the mother that all kids are close to her.

2) By meaning of different colors

According to the above color’s meaning, you can also personalize those birthstones via colors. For example, if the kid is very optimistic, you can choose red color birthstone as his/her gemstone.

7. Some examples of mother’s rings with birthstones

Engrave the ring with the name of the newborn and their date of birth on both sides of the feet. This is the perfect gift for a new mother. It is also a great Mother’s Day gift. Any mom would love to receive this gift.


The shape of a horse-eyed birthstone is a pattern of colored gems cutting, also known as olives. Jewelry designers  have drawn inspiration from Marquise Brilliant Cut and vines. Focusing on the twining vines and olives birthstone, the new collection seeks to remind us of the warmth of kinship and family unity, urging us to love our family members. A delicate design which can be customized as two to six names, depending on your family situation. You can also add an extra touch by adding an inner engraving.This is the perfect gift for every family member,  especially for a mom. It is also suitable for Mother’s Day, family gathering, and mothers’ birthday. Any mom would love to receive this gift.   

This Callie ring features both white sparkling crystals and gleaming birthstones, engraving with the beloved persons’ names. The cut emphasizes the stones’ sparkle, creating a timeless and vivid look. This ring is a great choice to add a touch of color to your everyday outfits and it goes perfectly with other pieces of jewelry. Let your love words spark with this beautiful heart ring.

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