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Top 10 Jewelry for Nurses That They’ll Love

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A piece of jewelry can be a very playful and creative accessory. Does that apply to nurses, however? Depending on the type of necklace and the type of job they have, it can vary. Their specific hospital or job may also have different policies. Sometimes, they can only wear a plain necklace without charms.

Nurses might also be allowed to wear only one necklace at a time if there is a policy in place. A nurse’s necklace with dangling charms or symbols can pose a risk for someone wearing medical equipment such as an I.V., which can lead to serious injury or death for anyone who becomes entangled with the necklace.

In order to prevent this, nurses rarely wear necklaces with charms that can separate from the chain itself while working in a medical facility.

Can nurses wear jewelry?

Being a nurse is a worldwide profession given a lot of respect and admiration. But a simple thing like jewelry and accessories is something that nurses need to be mindful of while wearing in the medical facility. The medical hasn’t given any specific rules, but it’s observed that dangling charms or symbols kind of pieces aren’t for them.

Nurse jewelry gifts

Therefore, we’ve gathered a list of elegant and shiny jewelry pieces that fit a nurse’s requirements. But they can still check with their facilities laws to be extra cautious before wearing these pieces.   

Heart stethoscope name necklace

Nurse’s have figured out themselves as per their medical facility guidelines as to what they can wear or can’t wear. But for the most part, a simple necklace is the way to go.

Therefore, the Heart Stethoscope Name Necklace is a shiny and delicate necklace. The pendant is not a dangling one, instead is attached to a chain directly. It’s a carved-out heart with a stethoscope on one side of the heart—sleek and rounded edges with no extra embellishment.

A rounded font will be used in the heart’s center to add a personal touch to the nurse’s name. Their initials are capital by default, and you can even add a graduation cap with the year of her passing on top of the capital letter. And for a still shone, the end of the stethoscope holds her birthstone. Just select her birth month, and we’ll add the coordinating birthstone. Or, if she’d not like that, we’ll engrave the end of the stethoscope with a heartbeat.

Caduceus necklace for nurses

Any person working in the medical field deserves to be honored, especially after observing what went down in the past two to three years. Our world wouldn’t have survived the outbreak without our medical faculty working tirelessly. So, the Medical Caduceus Necklace is here to give them recognition and a sense of honor.

This snake caduceus reminds the doctors to take responsibility for their patient’s life and treat the wound like the god of medicine, Asclepius. It also can add a birthstone, name, or acronym of their specialization. You can pick out the color and the chain length for them too.

Medical seal ring

Since this concept is essential for the medical, we’ve made a seal ring version of the caduceus necklace. The Nurse Graduation Ring is a seal ring with many customizations. The snake caduceus is engraved with the acronyms of their specialization. You can do that if you’d like to add custom initials. Also, the ring’s band from the inside and both the sides of the center can be engraved, making it a complete personalization ring.

Just select the size of the ring, and that’s it.

Custom stethoscope nurse necklace

The stethoscope is a ubiquitous and essential medical equipment used by all medical professionals, so wearing a necklace that is deemed for medical staff incorporating this equipment gives it a personalized feel.

The Stethoscope Nurse Necklace is a dainty number with no excessive trinkets. As per your choice, a simple pendant can be a cross, a heart, and a tilted heart. Each of these will have an element where you can have the nurse’s name engraved. Then, a stethoscope is added with a birthstone. You can pick out from various colors and materials as per their choice.

Medical shape charm name necklace

If you give this necklace to a nurse or their mother, it will be greatly appreciated. With the Medical Shape Charm Necklace, you get a simple, elegant necklace with a charm as the centerpiece. The charm could be a boy or a girl. And the charm will have their name printed on them.

Wear this necklace as a mother gives them a sense of security and comfort when their children work long hours for the world’s safety. And if a nurse wears it, she is showcasing how proud she is of the occupation they chose.

Medical alert identification bracelet

Wearing a high-quality bracelet without any charms is most acceptable. Therefore, we got a Medical Identification Bracelet. This distinctive and sparkly accessory is a playful piece of jewelry that can also serve a purpose.  

The focal point of the bracelet is a tag with a medical sign that can be in white or red. This tag acts as a medical id because the back of the tag has an engraving option that holds medical information. But if they’d like, you can get it engraved with their personal info. Also, the bracelet is made with medical-grade 316L stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic and safe for people with allergies. So, pick the suitable color of the bracelet for them and present them as an attractive bracelet.

Nurse pin with birthstone

The day they graduate and officially the day they graduate and officially become a part of this noble profession is a proud moment for all their loved ones. And this moment can be made even brighter with a Medical Graduation Pin.

This prominent medical theme pin displays the professional abbr. And a medical logo with pride. The specialization acronyms can be customized into custom content of their choice too. The top of the pin is embellished with a birthstone that will coordinate their birth month. Also, you can customize the color and the material of the whole pin too.

Medical graduation pin

Another great option for a medical pin that nurses can wear to remember the day they graduated is the Personalized Graduation Nurse Pin. This circular disc-shaped pin is a sophisticated pin with no extra embellishments.   

The round discs are divided into two parts. The top part, which has the medical logo, will hold the name and the specialization abbreviation. The bottom part holds the university name. And the top of the disc has a place for a small birthstone to make it extra special.

You can give this as a present at the graduation or even after for them to wear this proudly.

Stethoscope medical ring

Rings are a great way to look presentable while at work. But since bulky and encrusted rings aren’t the option for nurses, we’ve designed a simple piece that is a meaningful accessory yet doesn’t contain chunky sparkles.

Our Stethoscope Birthstone Ring in Silver is a band-style ring with no obstructive edges. The whole ring has rounded edges, with the top of the ring being a stethoscope. And the end of the stethoscope holds a bright birthstone to make it customized for the receiver.

You can customize the ring’s color too as we offer this in 3 colors.

 Personalized name necklace with heart

The last option for jewelry is a classic name necklace that everyone loves. The Heart Name Necklace is a simple chain necklace that holds the receiver’s name as the pendant. And at the end of the name, a cut out of the heart will be added for a playful look. The name is directly attached to the chain. You can choose from three colors and various chain lengths for them.

 Our two cents

Picking out jewelry pieces for nurses is challenging; therefore, if you’d like to see more options, you can visit our store Callie. We have a separate section for nurse’s gifts where you’ll non-jewelry items deemed perfect for them. 

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