18 Festive New Years’ Eve Decorating Ideas

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The countdown to the New Year has begun! Look no further if you’re still looking for ideas on decorating your home for the big night.

In this blog post, we will share 18 festive New Years’ Eve decorating ideas that are easy and affordable to recreate. From streamers and balloons to flowers and candles, we have got you covered. So get creative and start planning your New Year’s Eve decorations today!

1. Making Confetti Eggs for New Year’s Eve

Confetti eggs are a great way to start your New Year’s Eve party. You can make them by filling plastic eggs with confetti, glitter, and decorations. You’ll need to buy a small bag of confetti, glitter, and decorations for each egg. Make sure to fill the eggs with lots of fun stuff!

You can hang them from the ceiling or place them around the party space. When it’s time to celebrate, pop the eggs, and they’ll shower your guests with confetti and decorations!

Get the tutorial at Radmegan.

2. Colorful Streamers

Nothing says New Year’s Eve like colorful streamers! You can buy pre-made streamers in festive colors or cut your own from butcher paper. Hang them up in windows, archways, and doorways to add some extra cheer.

To make your streamers extra special, you can also add glitter, ribbons, and paper cutouts. This way, when the clock strikes midnight, you’ll have a sparkling room to celebrate in!

Watch this detailed tutorial.

3. DIY Glitter Holiday Party Hats

Turn your holiday party hats into glittery works of art! All you need to do is cover each hat in glue and sprinkle it with glitter – it can’t get any easier than that!

You can add ribbons, sequins, and other decorations to spice up your hats. And for an extra special touch, you can write each guest’s name on their hat. This way, guests can show off their personalized party hats all night long.

Watch the tutorial at DIY Christmas Crafts.

4. Hanging Snowflakes from the Ceiling

Nothing says winter like snowflakes! Hang white paper snowflakes from your ceiling to create a unique and festive atmosphere. You can make your paper snowflakes with scissors, glue, and paper, or you can buy pre-made snowflakes from your local party store.

You can add a string of white lights to your snowflake display for an extra special touch. This way, your room will be filled with twinkling lights when midnight strikes!

Watch this tutorial from Inspiration style.

5. DIY Wine Glass Charms

Make your guests feel extra special with DIY wine glass charms. All you need are some beads, wire, decorations, and creativity!

You can make the charms in any shape or color you want. You can also personalize each charm by writing a guest’s name. This way, your party will be filled with unique and personalized wine glass charms – a great way to make your guests feel special!

Get the tutorial at Clacali.

6. Disco Ball Wreath

Bring some sparkle to your door with a festive disco ball wreath! All you need are a few disco balls and some ribbon. Hang the disco balls on a wreath form with ribbon in any pattern you want.

This is a great way to welcome your guests to the party and bring some extra sparkle to your home.

Get the tutorial at ABeautifulMess.

7. Candle Centerpiece

Arrange several candles in a circle on your dining table for an elegant and romantic centerpiece. You can use different sizes and shapes to create an interesting display.

Add a few flower petals to the table for an extra special touch. When it’s time to celebrate, light the candles, and your room will be filled with beautiful flickering light!

Watch the tutorial at Jody’s Craftroom.

8. Glittery Fruit Platter

Take your New Year’s Eve decor up a notch with a glittery fruit platter! Arrange a mixture of colorful fruits on a plate and sprinkle it with gold or silver glitter.

This will create a stunning effect, and your guests will love the unique presentation.

Get the tutorial at Mayhar design.

9. Foil Star Garland

Hang a foil star garland from the ceiling to add glitz and glamour to your New Year’s Eve decor. All you need is metallic paper, scissors, and a little imagination.

Cut out several stars from the foil paper and then hang them up in any pattern you want. You could even add some string lights for an extra festive touch!

Get the tutorial at Marc Channel.

10. Fringe Garlands DIY Idea

These fringe garlands are a great way to decorate any room. All you need is some colorful fabric, scissors, and glue. Cut the fabric into strips and then glue them to a string.

Turn up the music, grab some friends, and drape your garlands around the room for an instant festive atmosphere.

Get the tutorial atThe Tyra Perez Project.

11. DIY Felt Firework Garland

Make your felt firework garland to celebrate the start of a new year! All you need are some colorful felt pieces, thread, and scissors.

Cut out several felt fireworks and stitch them onto a thread. Hang your garland, and you’ll have a unique and festive decoration.

Get the tutorial.

12. Starburst Wall Art

Create a stunning piece of starburst wall art for your party. All you need are some paper plates, string, and markers – easy and inexpensive!

Fold the paper plates in half and draw a design on them. Then, attach them to a string and hang them up for an instant wall art masterpiece. Your guests will be amazed by your creative and unique starburst decorations!

Watch the tutorial.

13. New Year’s Eve Photo Backdrop

Set up a fun photo backdrop so your guests can capture the memories of your New Year’s Eve party. You can use streamers, confetti, balloons, and lights for an eye-catching display.

You can also add personalized props like party hats, noisemakers, and funny glasses for your guests to wear in the photos.

Watch the tutorial.

14. Sequin Letter Garland DIY

Create a unique and sparkling garland with your initials to hang on the wall. All you need is cardboard, sequin fabric, scissors, and glue.

Cut out the letters of your initials from the sequin fabric and glue them onto a cardboard backing. Hang up your garland for a beautiful and personalized touch to your New Year’s Eve decorations.

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15. Ombré Disco Balls

Ombré disco balls will add a fun and festive touch to your New Year’s Eve decorations. All you need is some styrofoam balls, glitter, and paint.

Paint the styrofoam balls in a rainbow of colors for an ombré effect. Then, sprinkle glitter on the balls to create a shimmering disco ball effect! Hang your disco balls in any location you want for an instant party atmosphere.

Get the tutorial.

16. Confetti Balloons DIY

Confetti balloons are a festive and fun way to decorate for your New Year’s Eve party. All you need is some balloons, confetti, scissors, and ribbon.

Fill the balloons with confetti and tie them shut with a ribbon. Hang your balloons up in any location you want – they’ll add a lively and fun atmosphere to your party.

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17. Giant New Year’s Eve Countdown Clock

This giant countdown clock is a great way to add fun and interactive decorations to your party. All you need are cardstock, scissors, tape, and markers.

Cut out the numbers from cardstock and arrange them on your wall in a giant clock shape. Then, add the hands of the clock, and you’ll have a unique way to count down to the new year!

Get the tutorial.

18. Yarn Pom-Pom Streamers

These yarn pom-pom streamers are a great way to add fun and colorful decorations to your party. All you need are some yarn, scissors, and a pom-pom maker.

Make some colorful yarn pom-poms with your pom-pom maker and attach them to strings of yarn. Hang your streamers up in any location you want for an instant festive feel.

Get the tutorial.


These 18 New Years’ Eve DIY decorations are a great way to add some fun and festive touches to your party. Whether it’s a giant countdown clock, firework garland, or ombré disco balls, you can find a decoration to fit your party’s style. So get creative and make your New Year’s Eve party one to remember! If you’re looking for gifts to send your loved ones this Christmas, visit our online store at Callie.

Happy New Year!

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