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30 Mothers’ Day Songs To Play for Her When Together

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Gifts are nice, but sometimes your mother or wife needs a special mothers day song dedication that will lighten the mood and make her feel appreciated for the incredible work they do daily. You only need to know the right song to pick and when to dedicate it. Luckily this article will outline 30 songs that are a great fit for mothers day.  

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1.Mama: Jussie Smollet

Jussie Smollet pours his heart to express how much he cherishes her mom with the “Mama, I love you.” He describes her as a queen for caring for him all this time. You can also present this song to your darling mother and share your gratitude to have them.  

2. Taylor Swift: The Best Day

Even if a mother tries her hardest to provide the best for her kids, she is rarely acknowledged. Taylor Swift wrote “The Best Day” to express her gratitude to her mum for her support and affection. So dedicate this song to your mother today. 

3. Goldie: Mother

Goldie’s “Mother,” track is another incredible song you can dedicate to the woman in your life on mothers day. Though it brings out the motherly message in a slow-paced form, it is still a great song to mark this special occasion. 

4. Liz Phair: Little Digger

Liz, in her song little digger, goes all out in expressing her son’s thoughts about her dating after breaking. She says, “My mother is mine,” to show how much her son cherishes her.  

5. Genesis: Mama

The song starts with an immediate grasp of emotions using the “I can’t see you, mama,” which shows how Genesis misses her mother dearly. This is a clear urge and desperation to see his mother again after quite some time.  

6. Boyz II Men: A Song for Mama

This mother tune, composed and recorded by Babyface and delivered by 1990s music legends Boyz II Men, can allow you to express to your mother how much you appreciate her in seamless multiple harmonies in the “Mama, you’re the queen of my heart”.line.

7. The Jackson 5: Mama’s Pearl

The Jackson went in hard on the song to express love and affection to the most important woman. “Oh, Mama, Mama, you’re my queen” shows how much she is cherished.  You can dedicate this song to your mom on mothers day. 

8. Tupac: Dear Mama

Tupac narrates about only one woman who had the greatest influence on his existence in “Dear mama.”.This record is a graceful homage to an individual who has given you so much, as well as a celebration of all the lovely moms worldwide.

9. Carrie Underwood: Mama’s Song

Carrie’s song “Mama’s Song” is incredible for your mom to let her understand you’ll still be her baby girl—even after you get married and have a family.

10. BB King: Nobody Loves Me But My Mother

The incredible “Nobody loves me but my mother, “ is a superb song to play this mothers day to make it a special moment. The song outlines the presence of the most important woman in your life.  

11. Kacey Musgraves: Mother

Kacey went deep with her mother’s song in a line where she expressed, “Missing my mother,” which shows how much she would have loved for her to be there. This is an incredible tune for mothers day.  

12. The Backstreet Boys: The Perfect Fan

The Backstreet Boys are most remembered for causing boy band chaos wrote  “The Ideal Fan” is a tribute to their moms, the ladies who reared and sustained them through the upheaval and madness of celebrity.

13. The Rolling Stones: Mother’s Little Helper

The “Mothers little helper,” highlights the incredible challenges women face in the current society and the need to support them. This is an incredible song you can recommend during mothers day.

14. Alicia Keys: Superwoman

This uplifting song for ladies around is ideal for dedication to mom. “Superwoman” by Alicia Keys is deep, strong, and conveys a powerful signal to her beautiful mother. This is the perfect son for a special day. 

15. Christina Aguilera: Oh Mother

Christina can breathe new life into any tune. Her song “Oh Mother” is very real and sincere. She  wrote the song for her mum, who struggled with single parenthood while parenting. So listen to this song on mothers day.  

16. James Brown: Mother Popcorn

James can compose a timeless piece about mothers that is also a dance craze smash. Throughout the “Mother popcorn,” song, he states they are excellent but favors proud mothers. 

17. Dolly Parton: Coat of Many Colors

Dolly Parton’s “Coat of many colors” is a motherly song expressing how women from less privileged families still care for their kids, some by knitting simple coats. 

18. Elvis Presley: Mama Liked the Roses

The song “Mama liked the roses” highlights a legendary love for all women. Elvis made a once-in-a-lifetime record that will be remembered for years and can be played during mothers day for a special experience.  

19. Kathryn Beaumont – Your Mother and Mine

The “Your mother and mine” records show how much people should cherish mothers. It breaks down the extent and value of a mother’s love and how it can shape people’s lives. It’s a song that takes people back in time to their first care by their loving mother. 

20. Merle Haggard: Mama Tried

The “Mama tried” shows enormous remorse after causing our mothers so much sorrow and misery through our acts. Haggard bemoans his conduct and acknowledges he might’ve been misguided for not listening to his mother.

21. Jamie O’Neal: Somebody’s Hero

If you’re going into this year’s mothers day, then going with the “Somebody’s hero” track by Jamie is the way to go. This country-like music makes you appreciate your mom and makes you want to go in for a hug.  

22. Meghan Trainor featuring Kelli Trainor: Mom

This song includes a cameo by the writer’s mum. Meghan’s mum may be audibly speaking on “Mom,” as Meghan included a brief bit of their phone chat. It’s a song that elicits a lot of emotions.  

23. Ciara: I Got You

Ciara leads audiences on a voyage into motherhood in such a touching dedication to her son Zahir. The song “I got you,” is relatable as we all go through such a motherly phase.  

24. Rare Earth: Ma

The 70s were full of great motherly songs such as “Ma,” recorded by Rare Earth.  This song mainly praises and highlights women’s hard work in raising their kids to be responsible and lovable members of society. 

25. The Supremes: You Can’t Hurry Love

The song “You can’t hurry love” glorifies mothers’ love and outlines its power. It’s a timeless song that we should all share during mothers day for a loving feel.  

26. The Intruders: I’ll Always Love My Mama

The intruder’s song, “I’ll always love my mama,” encapsulates every child’s appreciation for the powerful moms in their life. That sort of love has no bounds and stays for eternity.

27. Fountains of Wayne: Stacy’s Mom

The “Stacy’s mom” is about having a passion for someone else’s mother. An adolescent slice of reality as well as one of Adam Schlesinger’s numerous pop pearls. It’s a crazy yet powerful song you should check.  

28. The Shirelles: Mama Said

The 1960 single would become an immediate hit, with the musical quartet giving them “mama said” guidance to fans worldwide. This song would later receive recognition from other artists who made a similar tune. 

29. ABBA: Mamma Mia

The words “Mamma mia” indicate it doesn’t relate to Mom’s Day specifically; however, if you concentrate on the subject when playing it, your mom will find it delightful. So sing it out loud this mothers day. 

30.“Flowers For Mama” by George Jones

George Jones’s legendary country ballad “flowers for mama” is her heartfelt mother’s anthem. This is among the greatest mom tunes for helping her feel appreciated on a particular occasion.


Appreciate your mother this mothers day by dedicating a special song from the list above to make them feel extra special. This will help show that you care about them and that their efforts haven’t been forgotten.  And if you’re looking for mothers’ day gifts to send your mother, check out this custom mama and baby bear name necklace or family tree birthstone butterfly necklace from our online store. 

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