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What’s Mother’s Ring: 15 Best Mother’s Day Rings for her

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Since we know it can be hard for you to get the perfect Mothers Day ring for your lovely mom, we have answered some of the most common questions that might be confusing for you to figure out. Also, don’t forget to check out the most happening mother’s rings that we have articulated for you in this article.

What is a mother’s ring?

A mother’s ring is a piece of symbolic jewelry of one’s mother or grandmother representing one’s own family. One or more birthstones accentuate the ring. The birthstones within a ring symbolize the bond between a mother and her children. These birthstones represent the children or grandchildren of the person wearing the ring, who may either be living or deceased.

Also, you can find that some mother’s rings do not contain birthstones but have elements that replicate the bond of a mother with her children. 

What stones go in a mother’s ring?

Since a mother’s ring is designed to showcase the everlasting bond of a mother and child, the stones encrusted in a mother’s ring are birthstones. These birthstones coordinate with each child’s birth. But keep in mind these birthstones can be artificially simulated or genuine ones.

Also, there is space for adding the mother’s or grandmother’s birth month’s coordinating stones in some rings. These colorful stones give it a beautiful look and enhance the emotional value of the ring, making it perfect to wear every day.

Which finger to wear mother’s ring on?

Typically, the mother’s ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Women wear those rings on the right-hand ring finger associated with deep love, care, affection, and authentic relationships. So, by wearing mother’s ring on the ring finger of her right hand, she shows her affection towards her child and the love she has for her family.

Custom rings for Mother’s Day

Now that you’ve understood the basics of the mother’s ring, here we have the top 10 mother’s Day rings that will make your mother smile instantly. We made sure we have incorporated all styles of mother’s ring that is perfect for every kind of mom.

Vintage Engraved Angel Wings Ring

This beautiful ring combines elegance and sentimentality, featuring delicate angel wings and a birthstone of your choice. It’s a heartfelt way to honor and remember a loved one. Customize it with her birthstone for a truly personalized and meaningful Mother’s Day gift.

Birthstone Zircon Ring

Celebrate the special mothers and grandmothers in your life with a Personalized Elegant Birthstone Ring. This exquisite ring can be customized with 1 to 5 birthstones, representing each cherished family member.

Paw Ring with Engraved Name

For the pet lover in your life, the Personalized Ring with Paw and Birthstone is a heartfelt choice. This custom ring features 1 to 4 adorable paw prints, representing their beloved furry friends. It’s a touching gift that celebrates the unconditional love shared between pets and their owners.

Bouquet Sterling Silver Ring

This exquisite ring features engraved birth flowers representing the family members dear to her heart. With its unique design and customizable birthstones, it’s a stunning piece of jewelry that celebrates love, family, and special occasions like Mother’s Day.

Name Heart Ring

Capture her heart with a Personalized Name Heart Ring. This enchanting ring features a delicate heart shape adorned with her name and a sparkling birthstone of her choice. It’s a symbol of love and individuality, making it a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Engraved heart assortment mothers Ring

A mothers ring is an enchanting accessory that holds a much deeper meaning of love. The natural bond between a child and their mother is so beautiful that it needs no explanation. And this essence is captured elegantly in our Engraved Heart Assortment Ring.

It is a work of art crafted with utmost delicacy. In this ring, polished surfaces and birthstones adorn a stackable design. Each ring stack has a feature to hold each child’s name in a very prominent font. And the coordinating birthstone is added to the top of the ring. 

The birthstones together make an exquisite flower on top and look too precious to miss out on. Depending on how many birthstones are encrusted on the ring, the charm is also enhanced by the addition of encrusted white gems to the bottom or the middle of the ring.

Also, the inside of the ring, you can add a heartfelt phrase that resonates with your mom or a simple ‘I Love You Mom’ can also work. Just pick out the color of the ring and the ring size for your mother, and we’ll wrap it in a beautiful box to give it as a mother’s Day ring.

Family birthstone accent ring

Another ring design that we have that is very close to the one above yet has a different cut is our Family Accent Ring. This ring is also a stackable style ring but has a wrapped ribbon design showcasing that the family is tied together. A very flowing font is used to engrave the name of the family member or child on each stack of rings.

And the respective birthstone for each family member is encrusted in the ribbon that is going around the ring. This gives it such a celebratory vibe for appreciating the eternal love that the rest of the family shares with the mother. And, you can add custom content on the inside of the band. You can get a heartwarming phrase engraved for your mother that she’ll always be happy to read.

Lastly, choose a color for the entire ring as we offer it in three colors, the material suitable for your mother and the ring size for your mother.  

Personalized love hug ring

A hug is a way to express affection to a loved one. Whenever you meet your family or friends and share a hg, a sense of calmness sprinkled with love is felt. And wouldn’t it be super nice to give her something that makes your mother feel your warm hug when you aren’t physically present?

At Callie’s, we’ve got a Personalized Love Hug Ring. This one-of-kind ring is a unique way of expressing your love for your mother on mother’s Day. The ring is a minimalistic ring with no extra embellishment yet holds the most powerful meaning. The ring is a custom design of two human arms wrapped around going in for a hug. 

The artisans have made sure that every light detail of the hand is made in the highest quality, giving it a realistic look. So, when she wears this ring, it exhibits the ring wrapping around her finger, giving her a warm hug. And to make it even more special, the inside of the ring has a feature of adding custom content.

Just choose the color, material, and size of the mother’s ring and present it to her as a mother’s Day present.

Bear love hug ring

If you’d like to add a fun, playful touch to the hug ring or your mama bear, we’ve got the Bear Love Hug Ring. The two arms extended for the hug are of a baby bear who loves his/her mother way too much. The bear arms are polished for a sleek and elegant look that will compliment her hands.

Also, you can add custom content on the inside of the ring for your mama bear so she can refer to it whenever she misses you. An add-on feature for this ring is adjustable for fitting any finger she’d like to wear it in. This gives your mother the option of mixing her rings up to fit any outfit. Lastly, you can also choose the ring size, ring color, and ring material for your mother.  

Custom birth flower ring

Flowers are a getaway to express your feelings without saying anything. These vibrant and fragrant flowers hold a different meaning. But since we can’t store flowers forever, we captured the core meaning of giving flowers, but you can keep them forever this time. We’ve got Custom Birth Flower Ring for your mother as a mothers ring.

This mothers ring doesn’t have any birthstones but has birth flowers instead. You can select the material of this gorgeous as per your mother’s choice. The middle of the ring is the focal point has it has engraved flowers drawn coordinating with the birth months of kids. And the background of the flowers can be either white or black depending on what you choose. Small grooves are crafted around the middle of the ring, giving it a subtle glam.

Present this to your mom and let her embark on the fragrance of our kids through this ring.

Name birth flower ring

Oftentimes, mothers are associated as beautiful flowers of the garden that is her family, why not give her a ring that showcases this in the best way? Our Name Birth Flower Ring is a delicate ring made flawlessly for women to appreciate their role as hard working mothers to their children. The ring itself is a birth flower that is carved and hollowed out with no sharp edges for comfortable wear. You just need to select your mother’s birth month, and we’ll carve out her birth flower.

Also, underneath the birth flower, your mother’s name can be carved out, too, giving it an extra personalization. Pick out the font and the color of the ring that your mom would prefer, and that’s it.

Custom crown name ring

mothers are real-life queens. She raises you to the best of her abilities while working hard and doing your chores. Therefore, on mother’s Day, she deserves to feel like a queen whom you adore and care for. So, at Callie’s, we have a Custom Crown Name Ring.

This ring has a glitz and glam look that suits your priceless mother perfectly. The whole ring is matter finished yet sandblasted, making it look like a million bucks. The mother’s name would be added as the center of the ring with a queen’s crown under it.

Baby feet birthstone ring

When a baby is born, a woman becomes a mother just like that in that exact moment. And this beautiful transformation by nature is done because of the little feet that have come in her life. Therefore, we’ve made a Baby Feet Birthstone Ring.

This ring exhibits the mother’s and kid’s eternal love effortlessly with the baby’s feet. The ring has baby feet charms resonating with each kid your mother has. On each baby’s feet, the name of her kid and their respective birthstone is encrusted, making it full custom and heartfelt. To add more meaning, you can get custom content engraved on the inside of the ring band too.

Family tree birthstone ring

mothers love to wear articles that remind them of her family. It’s a way of showing her love for her children. Our Family Tree Birthstone Ring does just that. The band-style ring has a wide center with an engraved family tree embellished with birthstones. You can select the style of the family tree from the two types. The birthstones are small duplicating fruits of the tree. You can get up to 20 birthstones engraved in the ring. And get custom text engraved inside of the ring.

We offer this ring in three colors and two materials, so pick out what your mother wants.

Birthstone ring

This one for those mothers who like to wear very dainty and stackable rings. Our Birthstone Ring is a thing ring that is stackable with other rings that she wears. The center of the ring is birthstones that coordinate with her family, giving it a shiny multicolor look. You can select the size of the birts9ones deemed fit for your mother. This simple ring is ideal for mothers for everyday wear.  

Our verdict

The above rings are one of the best mothers rings. But if you’d like to check out some more, visit our curated collection of mothers Rings or visit our store Callie to pair the rings with some other gift ideas. 

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