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A Complete Guide to Throw a Grand Housewarming Party within budget

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A housewarming party is the best way to inaugurate your new home and share your happiness with others. Invite the best people to your new home and fill it with some perfect vibes. And a plus point. You can greet your new neighbors at the party. Make new friends and introduce them to the old ones. Isn’t it a great way to expand your social circle and make beautiful memories?

Are you still finding it hard to throw a housewarming party? Well, we have done this hard work for you. We have listed the steps to throw a housewarming party to assist you. Follow these steps, and you can make this big day more memorable.

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Have a budget estimate

Budget is the foremost element to be considered when throwing a party. Estimate how many people you will invite to the party. Plan the number of food dishes you will be offering them. Calculate how much the food and beverage will cost you. If you are going for extra lighting, add that cost to the budget. 

Decorations will not add much to the budget as they will be pretty straightforward. However, add the cost of flowers and balloons if you use them for décor. Make the total sum and set money aside. Since it will be a rough estimate, keep a more incredible amount aside than the one you calculated to be on the safer side.

Send invites along with the location guide

Send invitations timely to avoid missing any of your best friends due to last minute mess. Mention the time, location, dinner/lunch, and whatever you offer. Since people coming to your place for the first time may find it hard to locate your house. Give good directions along with the invites.

If there is a specific parking place at your colony, mention it in the invite. Be accurate while writing the time on the invitation card. Keep it casual and plan it for an hour or two. That will be more than enough.

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Decorate the home but keep it simple

Housewarming parties are unlike other parties with a lot of decoration. Instead, it’s all about keeping your home clean and presentable. The primary purpose of inviting people to a housewarming party is to show them your new home. Extra decorations can overtake the beauty of your new home and distract the guests. 

You can place a welcome sign at the main door. Adorn it with balloons to let the coming guests quickly locate your home. Plus, the floral decor never goes wrong. So add some flowers that will give the coming people a refreshing vibe.

The more important thing is that your home is well organized. Everything is in its place. Vacuum the carpets and clean the dust from furniture. Clean the kitchen and bathrooms such that they give a sparkle to watching eyes. They will be seeing your house for the first time. Let it leave a long-lasting impression on the viewers with its clean features.

Go for a specific theme if you want

Theme parties are always exciting. Housewarming parties don’t have any specific theme. You can decide the dress code and lunching theme if you want. We have listed some fabulous themes for a housewarming party to assist you.

Black and white theme

Black and white never goes wrong. You can mention the theme on the invite so that everyone will participate enthusiastically. Once everyone appears at the event, you can take a memorable photograph with your loved ones.

Stock-the-bar theme

It is another amazing choice for a housewarming party. Everyone comes with his favorite beverage and fills up the bar space at your new home.

Floral theme

It’s feels refreshing to look at the beautiful flowers. So don’t you go for the floral theme? From dresses to crockery and décor, give a floral touch to everything. Wear floral dresses and place fresh flowers in every corner. Isn’t it a refreshing idea?

Potluck party

Let everyone bring their favorite dishes, and you take the duty to serve. It’s just like a picnic at your new place. A potluck party is great for having different delicious appetizers and dishes on the table.

Give home tours

Everyone at the party will be super excited to rake a home tour of your new home. So give your guests the home tours at the party. Make sure the rooms are well organized, and your house is ready to be seen by many people.

Prepare your space well to show it off to everybody. People will be wandering all over your house, and you can’t stop them. So, if there is a storeroom in which you have put all your extra stuff, lock the door. One good idea is to mark such doors with a “Do not enter” label.

If there are too many people at the event, offer a home tour in groups. This way, you will not encounter people clustering in a single spot. Let everyone easily glance at your new house’s majestic beauty.

If anyone is late at the party, ensure he hasn’t missed the home tour. The purpose of inviting people should be fulfilled. So keep an eye on it.

Decide the menu

It’s not all about home tours. The menu is also essential at a party. The food and drinks at the party are a fantastic way to thank everyone for coming. The way you serve the food is as important as the dishes themselves.

One exciting way is to offer snacks in every room. It will let the guests enjoy the snacks along with the home tour. But these snacks can’t compete with the sit-down meal. Plan proper meals in the dining area. You can go for a BBQ with enough space and suitable weather in your backyard.

And the table will be incomplete without beverages. Offer your guests a wide variety of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). The table should look presentable, whatever food items and beverages you choose. It’s nice to present the food in such a way that it encourages the guests to give it a try.

Consider playing games

A lot of people are sitting in the lounge. Many of which are strangers to each other. Who will break the ice? Here comes the need for playing games. Different games can let people have fun at the housewarming party. Here are a few game recommendations for you. 

The scavenger hunt is great for exploring a new house. Create your game. Ask people about the number of windows and doors in your house. It will let the guests observe the features of a new house.

Room memory is another beautiful game for a housewarming party. Divide people into different groups. Leave each group in a room of your house for five minutes. Take them out after a specific time and let them write each thing they remember. Find the group that remembers maximum things by comparing the answers. That will be the winner.

You can plan the outdoor games if your backyard is large enough to accommodate too many people. Board games are another attractive option to go with. Party is all about enjoyment and fun. So plan the games which let you enjoy!

Accept the gifts wholeheartedly

Bringing gifts to a housewarming party is just a way to congratulate a person on his new home. In the Middle Ages, people used the term “housewarming” for coming to a new home with firewood. They intended to warm up the house with these woods.

But now, the trends have changed. People bring different kinds of gifts to the housewarming party. Often, they prefer to buy cold drinks to fill up your beverages section. Kitchen items are also preferred to be taken as gifts. Custom signs for decoration purposes are also encouraged.

Whatever the gifts you receive, accept the heartiest congrats behind that gift. It’s not the gift that is important but the love and thoughtfulness that comes with it. Plus, remember to never expect gifts. Maybe some people at the party will bring good wishes for you. That, too, will be enough.

Keep a simple rule in mind: The primary thing is to accept love and spread positivity. Gifting is secondary. So don’t take it too seriously.

Give party favors and goodies

The guests spared the time to come to your new house, brought gifts, and made precious memories with you. It’s time to thank them for coming. And here comes the need for party favors.

Party favors can be cute little gift bags, cupcakes, or other food items. Attach a thank you note to the gift bag to pay your gratitude. Be creative and think out of the box to design unique party favors.

Throw the party at the right time

Housewarming parties are usually thrown within six months of moving into the house. Don’t wait to settle down before throwing the party. Your friends and family know that you have shifted to a new house. It’s completely ok if all your stuff is not unpacked. After all, things take time to settle down.

The best time for a housewarming party is the time when you find yourself calm and free enough to host it. Furthermore, ensure you have enough seating arrangements at your new house. Make sure your friends and relatives are available at your selected time.


Hope this post helped you in planning a grand housewarming party. Don’t panic during the party preparations. The most important thing is to enjoy the moment. So make sure to enjoy it to its fullest. If you attend a housewarming party rather than throwing one, take gifts for the host. You can visit our store to find wonderful gifts for your friends and family.   

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