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17 Amazing Golf Gifts For Dad Who Loves Playing Golf

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If your dad is obsessed with golf, you should go with the golf-themed gift this Father’s Day. Finding a perfect gift for your golfer dad is quite tricky, especially when you don’t know anything about sports. Don’t worry! Here we have gathered amazing golf gifts for Dad. Adding a personalized touch to the gift will let your dad feel the warmth of your love.

  1. One to decorate his surroundings

If your dad loves golf, he would love to surround himself with pretty golf signs. This personalized golf sign metal wall art will be a perfect golf gift for your dad. This sign comes in six colors, and you can customize the message engraved on it to create unique wall art. The sign is made of metal, and thus it will be durable, sturdy, and can be used for a very long time. The laser technology used to cut this sign gives it an exquisite appearance. 

  1. A much-needed tool for golf

Consider giving your golfer dad an engraved golf marker divot repair tool. He may already have such a tool, but this one is completely personalized. The material is stainless steel, and the size is designed to fit in your hand perfectly. The person’s name is engraved on the front to specify to which this tool belongs. You can also customize the name on the back to make it a meaningful golf gift for your dad. 

  1. Let your pets cheer your dad

If your dad has a pet, personalized pet cheering golf covers will be a fabulous golf gift for your dad. Get cute pictures of your pets engraved on the front of your golf covers. Write a cheering sentence next to the picture to add more to the meaning of your gift. The material is PU leather, and there are 4 to 9 iron clubs in the set. The covers have very strong velcro closures, making them easy to put on and fake off.

  1. For storing accessories for your golfer dad

Enhance your dad’s golf experience by giving him a personalized golf storage tin. There is a gold pattern logo printed on the outer layer of the tin. This tin can store golf tees, balls, and ball labels. This tin is airtight and thus prevents storage contact with the outer atmosphere. You can also store your snacks and candies in this storage tin. Get these storage tins with interesting designs to store your golf accessories.

  1. Keep him cool in the golf club

Let your dad wipe his sweat and remain calm at the golf club using a personalized golf towel with a logo. These towels are uniquely designed to have your club logo and text. The towel has heavy-duty clips, so you can easily attach them to your golf bags. This towel is a must-have for every golf lover. Choose the color from the two available options. Upload your logo, specify the text, and get an amazing golf towel for your dad. 

  1. Don’t let the golf tees fall off

Give your dad a personalized golf tee holder so that he will forget the fear of losing his golf tees. The material is PU leather. This holder is designed to hold your wooden tees firmly so they will not fall off. Hook this holder to your bag or belt easily and carry it. This holder can hold a maximum of five tees. You can buy it in either black or brown color. 

  1. Have a sip of a soothing drink

If you want to let your dad have something soothing while playing golf, this personalized golf beer can bag is a perfect golf gift for him. The top handle and adjustable shoulder strap allows you to carry this bag easily. Not only is this zipper well-designed and waterproof, but also sturdy and durable. This bag becomes super useful during tournaments and championships. It’s a much-needed accessory for golfers.

  1. Never lose your ball

Don’t let your dad’s golf ball mix with others by giving him photo-printed golf balls. Create an incredible Father’s Day gift for your father by engraving his photo on one or more golf balls. We will print the photo using a vibrant ink color so that it will not fade away easily. This gift will surely bring a sweet smile to your father’s face. 

  1. Something classy

If you have enough money to buy your father a classy gift, this custom golfer bobblehead doll figurine will be a perfect gift for him. It is completely dependent on the ideas and photos provided by you. Upload your photo, and Callie will turn it into a wonderful 3D figurine. We have used high-quality resins to make the heads and bodies. The colors will be the actual colors of the material. Place it on your desk or shelf and let it unfold your golf memories in front of you. 

  1. Golf tools are always needed

For golf lovers, gold tools are always needed. They never run out of the need for golf tools. Consider giving your dad a personalized golf ball line marking alignment tool on Father’s Day. The material used is TPU which is environment friendly and has good aging resistance. Moreover, it has high tensile strength. This tool helps you draw a straight line easily to fix your golf ball. 

  1. A wonderful wall decor 

If he loves golf, he would love to decorate his home with golf-related wall art. Why don’t you give your dad personalized golf metal decor? This home decor is available in six colors and different sides. You can choose the size according to your wall. Engrave your dad’s name on this sign to rewind all his golf memories in front of him.

  1. Why not something funny?

It’s not always necessary to be serious with your dad. A bit of humor can make him feel fresh. Consider giving him this personalized funny flannel golf bag. The material of this bag is high-quality flannel. The embroidery and funny shape adds more to the design of this bag. You can store 12 golf tees and nine golf balls in this golf bag. Isn’t it useful for all the golfers? Yeah!

  1. A glass with a class

Your father may have bought many glasses, but this engraved golf ball beer glass is something completely unique. This glass is handcrafted with high-quality material in our workshop. The photo is engraved on the ball, and the ball inlaid on the glass gives a super stylish look. Your dad will love to have his drink in this classy glass.

  1. One with the golf partner

Give your dad a personalized couple golfing metal sign if your mom is her gold partner. A man and a woman are playing golf in a round circle. Isn’t it a wonderful pattern? For the size, you have four options. This sign is available in six colors. Customize the name in the metal sign to make it unique. Hang it in your room, get a housewarming vibe, and enjoy the pleasant wall decor.

  1. An enthusiastic cup of coffee

Your enthusiastic dad will love having coffee in this golfer mug. Customize this mug with your own message to make it meaningful for your dad. You can get a black, pink, or white color for the mug handle. It’s made of ceramic, and thus this mug is microwave friendly. It is also safe to use in a dishwasher. 

  1. Add more to his golf collection

He will never mind adding more to his golf collection. Therefore, giving your father a personalized golf set will be a perfect idea. It has two golf balls and six tees. You can personalize the box with the name and date of a special occasion to make it memorable. The foam insert inside the box will keep the items secure. We have designed this set keeping in mind durability and functionality.

  1. A wonderful golf book holder

This personalized leather golf yardage book holder will be an amazing gift for any golf lover. There are two pockets in it to hold your golf scorecards. Your yardage book can be kept in it using an elasticized strap. And there is also a leather pencil holder in it. 


Dads always say that they want nothing because they have everything. Still, they need a token of appreciation on Father’s Day. And what can be better than these unique golf gifts for your dad? Grab an amazing gift for your dad from Callie and make his day meaningful. 

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