You are currently viewing 12 Bridal Showers Favors for Your Guests – We’ve Got Some of The Best Favor Items in Stock!

12 Bridal Showers Favors for Your Guests – We’ve Got Some of The Best Favor Items in Stock!

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If you are planning to host a bridal shower, giving away bridal shower favors to your guests as a token of appreciation for their presence is superb.

So, here are some super meaningful yet budget-friendly bridal shower favors that you can get.

Embroidered straw bags

The first thing you need is some kind of bag or pouch in which you’ll add your favorite items. Though there are many options depending on the theme of the bridal shower, the best bag for a bridal shower favor is the Customized Bohemian Straw Bag.

These lightweight straw bags are manageable in size with a lot of space inside. And unlike other straw bags, they have drawstrings in the inner part to close them securely. To make it extra unique, the front of the bag will have the guest’s name embroidered in your choice of color. 

Goodies bags

If straw bags aren’t your thing, we have Personalized Goody Bags. These paper goodies bags can act as your basket to hold in the favors. They come in various sizes to choose from as per your needs. The bag is printed with custom text in your desired color, like gold or glitter or any possible color. Even the color of the bag is customizable, so you can fully design your bridal shower goodie bag.

Make these cute bags the bags of your favorite goodies.

Custom makeup bag

Being on the topic of the bag, the first item that you can add to your bridal shower favor is a Cute Makeup Bag. These sturdy makeup pouches have a gold zipper and only come in three unique colors. These spacious bags also feature printing names on the front for added personalization.

This luxurious and straightforward makeup bag would look super cute as a bridal shower favor.

Custom drink pouches

While enjoying a little booze harms no one. But if things go a little wild, especially if it’s a pool party or beach setting, the glass can break, causing so much mess. So, to avoid that, Personalized Drink Pouches are the solution and fabulous bridal shower favor.

These pouches are helpful for the party as well as the guest would happily take them home. These transparent, high-quality plastic pouches have a reclosable top with holes for straws. The gusset bottom makes the pouch easily stand on its own.

Personalized round flask with rhinestone lid

Another way to enjoy drinks is in an embellished flask that easily fits in a purse. And giving away this as a party favor would make them have more fun. The Personalized Round Flask With Rhinestone Lid is an insulated flask that holds 5 oz of drink at one time. With various colors, the lid is completely encrusted with rhinestones and gives a million-dollar feel. The front of the flask holds the name of the recovery for extra sparkles.

Personalized keychains

Giving keychains as a bridal shower favor is a brilliant idea. These valuable little trinkets can be given to your BFF or bridesmaid as a favor, giving them a sense of honor. The Partner In Crime Keychain is an exclusive keychain with an embellished handcuff showcasing the concept of ‘partner in crime’ beautifully. The handcuffs can be engraved with their name. And the small charm added can be engraved with custom content. For extra sparkle, we have added a gem.

So, pick out the color from three different colors and give this as a heartfelt favor.

Personalized coasters

If you have a knack for music, you can let your guests know. So to incorporate this vibe, we have custom coasters. You see practical favor ideas that help the receiver sip on their favorite drink from their mug every day while giving them a sense of your music taste. Spotify Song Coaster is a high-quality coaster with your favorite music printed on it. You can let us know your favorite artist and music, and we’ll print it in the shape of a record.

You can also add a turntable to the record coaster for added fun if you’d like.

Handbag card wallet

Every girl uses a handbag. Whether she’s out shopping or running her daily errands, this is why our Custom Name Handbag is here. This leather bag can easily hold cash, a card, and even a phone. The shape is like an envelope with gold accents and a strap for easy carry. And on the front, you can get the receiver’s initials printed. Give this away as a bridal shower favor to all your female attendees, and they’ll love it.

Flower necklace

Flowers have been used to express emotions for centuries. These flowers can’t be kept forever, but a flower necklace can be kept forever. Our Daisy Flower Name Necklace is a playful necklace designed in a daisy flower with a surprise.

The pendant of the necklace is a daisy flower that splits into two. Inside is a charm that has the option to add a custom text. It could be names, initials, or anything that you’ll like. 


Handing over Tumblr in bridal shower favors that showcase your bond with them is perfect. The Personalized Besties’ Tumbler is a very colorful Tumblr made of durable stainless steel.

These long spacious Tumblr are printed with colorful portraits of a girl gang. You can customize each character. From hair color to the standing pose, everything is customizable. Also, each girl will have her friend’s name to make it even more real. And, in big, bold letters, the word ‘besties’ is printed.

Wine bottle stoppers

Dads love to enjoy and stock up on good wine collections. So, when you’re hosting a bridal shower, giving a custom wine stopper to your dad as a favor is a way to show how much he means to you.

The Best Ever Dad Wine Stopper is a precise wine stopper that looks super-cool once in use. The stainless steel screw has rubber or cork teeth as per your choice to stop the wine from overflowing. And on top of the visible part of the stopper, there are four patterns to choose from. But each design states, ‘best dad ever’ along with your father’s name.

So, grab this special favor for your dad to remember you every time he sips on his wine.

Wine bottle holder

As adults, everybody loves to have their alcohol to let go of their stress. So, the Couple’s Wine Bottle Holder is great as a favor idea. The holder has two hearts where the couple’s photo is printed. And each side has space two hold one glass. The end of the glass holder has the couple’s initials, making it a décor piece too. This extraordinary wine bottle holder is an exquisite piece painted in bright red for a romantic vibe. A perfect yet functional décor and bridal shower favor.

Our thoughts

Giving away bridal shower party favors is a great idea. And if the above list didn’t click with your vision, check out our store Callie, where we have a bunch of personalized favor options waiting for you. 

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