Best Modern Birthstone Gift Ideas For Everyone – literally!

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Gemstones were attributed healing powers and protection from evil by ancient astrologers to the people born in each month, which is why we refer to them as birthstones today.

In our modern-day world birthstone resembles luck and wellness. Most people wear them in the form of jewelry. These shiny and colourful pieces of precious stones are very personalized and serve as the perfect choice to give to someone as a gift. So instead of deciding what birthstone gift you should give to your dad or your best friends bridal shower or maybe your religious grandpa, we at Callie’s have everything sorted out just for you.

Keep on reading to find out.

Make Your Love Infinite

A romantic relationship is always sensitive and filled with emotions. Both people try hard to make their partners feel special in every way possible. But sometimes, it can backfire and everything can end up in smoke. So, instead of working hard, work smartly and make your partner feel extra special. How?

At Callie’s, we have this beautiful and articulated piece named Engraving Heartbeat Infinity Necklace With Birthstones. This thoughtful necklace is an infinity sign with a heartbeat. But the most noticeable part is the heart-shaped birthstones. You just need to choose the birth months of yours and your partners, and the birthstones will get engraved in a cute little heart shape. It’s that simple yet looks much more considerate!

Also, you can get anything written on it as your love message, and no need to search what does valentine day mean. Plus, you can choose from many colours available according to their liking. This will give off a very romantic vibe but will show how much you care for your partner. Therefore, rather than searching what are the birthstones for each month, just leave it on us.

A win-win situation!

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Mothers Will Never Forget The Keys

Your mother is the most loving and caring human being on this planet. She loves you with all her heart and cares for you like nobody else. And her birthday is coming up, and you don’t know what to buy her. Or maybe, you are googling what do moms like to give her for Mother’s Day. So, why not give her something useful and emotional which will make you and her feel connected all the time.

Birthstone Family Name Mom Keychain is your savior here. This intricate and exquisite keychain has two disks which makes it more customizable. You can get a lovely message printed on the round disk for your mother And, the other disk which is rectangular is a space for writing children or family names and their respective birthstones engraved. Isn’t this awesome. Plus, you can choose from any three colours which she prefers.

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Elephants Mean Loyalty 

Wearing the elephants around your neck is very symbolic of being loyal and wishing good luck. You would have seen it worn by your grandpa or friend or maybe your aunt. It’s very peaceful and calming and doesn’t necessarily have to be aged restricted.

Therefore, at Callie’s, we have Good Luck Birthstone Elephant Name Necklace. We personalized the sterling silver elephant with birthstones, to make it more appealing. You can get this intricately designed elephant which can have the receiver’s name and their respective birthstone for the eye.

Plus, if you like, you can get a sweet note engraved too instead of their name. It’s up to you, who you want to give this to. It’s such a versatile piece with an option to change the chain length for any age group.  So, if you are one of those who is searching what is a best friend or what is an engagement party, to understand the true essence of each of these, this serves as your ideal gift choice. It represents your loyalty towards them and your best wishes for them.

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Give Her The Crown

Giving birthstones as a part of a gift makes the receiver feel that you care about their well-being. Because it adds such a personalized element, that you don’t have to put extra effort. Now we know that it’s already tough to pick out a gift for someone that they would like. Especially, for your girl gang, your best friend, or maybe a soon-to-be bride. Why not make her feel like a queen bee along with birthstones?

Crown Name Necklace with Birthstone Sterling Silver is a beautiful necklace that can make any women feel empowered and loved. You can get her name as the locket with a crown at the start of the name. Plus, the engraved birthstone, gives it that unique vibes altogether. Its youthful design complements anyone who wants to radiate an everlasting bond. You can get it as a gift for a bridal shower or a baby shower too. The mother will feel immense attention and prosperity shown towards her. This gift solves the problem for those who are thinking about what is a bridal shower exactly or what is a baby shower mean and don’t know what to take as a present.

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Unbiased Love For Dad

Many of us love our fathers but aren’t able to express it the way we should. Some fathers are very outgoing and some are very strict. But that doesn’t mean they will not give their own lives for us. They protect us and provide for us, whatever is in their power. They deserve to feel loved and connected to their child, just like mothers, no matter what their habits are.

Callies have a flawless way to celebrate the bond of children and their fathers. The Fathers Rings with Children’s Birthstones is an extraordinary ensemble that represents this everlasting relation. This ring is crafted to showcase fathers’ masculinity with the softness of their love for their children. You just need to choose the material of the ring and its ring size. That’s it.

The sharp lines of the band of the ring can also have the name of his initials. Plus, here is where you can engrave birthstones for the children. It’s okay if you don’t want to do that as well. Just get his name and his birthstone engraved if that’s what you wish. This looks perfect in any way. And if you are already a father, you can give this as a Christmas gift to yourself. So, don’t bother searching for what do I want for Christmas 2021 and get this.

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