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A Checklist of Back-to-School Supplies for College

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Is your college life going to start soon? If yes, you should have an idea about the back-to-school supplies for college. With technological advancements, the back-to-school supplies list needs to be updated. The way of teaching and learning both have been reshaped now. Different gadgets are involved in education more than ever. Learning demands you to invest your time and money. But make sure you invest your money in the right products. The products that are most needed at the college. Buy the products that meet all your academic needs and let you excel.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any of the necessary items, here is a list of back-to-school supplies for college. This list features 10 items that are necessary for every college student. So make sure to buy them all before going back to college.  


The backpack is a necessary item that must be on the back-to-school supplies list for college. For every level, of course, the size of the backpack varies. But it’s a must-have for every college student.

For the college, be careful about the size of the backpack you are buying. Invest in the right size to be useful throughout your academic year. The bag should be large enough to fit your laptop and charger. Go with a spacious design to carry all your essentials in it.

What about buying the city backpack? It comes with brass fittings. The robust zippers make it durable. It has enough capacity for a laptop. And the side pocket lets you put your water bottle in it.

USB/ Flash Drive

At college, the way of doing assignments changes. You have a lot of material in the soft form, from books to assignments. And leaving all the material on your computer is not safe.

You need a flash drive to store all your material in soft form. Callie’s custom USB flash drive memory stick is an amazing flash drive for students. These USB sticks provide a fun way to work. Keep this adorable stick with you and say bye to data losses.

Tell us your name and choose your favorite color. We will shape your USB stick according to your name and color preferences. The size of the USB is ideal for carrying with you all the time. The cute font style and color will make you stand out from others. Make a style statement with your working gadget. Isn’t it wonderful?

Laptop with charger

When it comes to college supplies, you can never overlook the importance of a laptop. And of course, make sure to carry the charger along with the laptop. You will have to spend all day working on it. So there is a probability that its battery will die.

The type of laptop you should buy depends on your usage requirements. MacBook is a great choice for many people. But MacBook will not work for you if you have to work on graphic designing. It’s a big decision. So make sure to investigate your needs and specifications before buying a laptop. 

If you already have a laptop in school, it may be enough for your college life. It all depends on what you own and which field you will enter.


No matter how old you are, the need for a notebook never dies. Whether a college student, a housewife, or a working man; everybody needs to pen down something in daily life. And for students, it’s one of the essentials. You can’t imagine a student without a pen and notebook, right? So here you go with Callie’s personalized blank cocktail notebook. This book is ideal for college students who have to write a lot throughout college life.

And if you are a student in the field of nutrition, this notebook is for you. It lets you innovatively write recipes. The notebook comes with recipe templates. You only need to fill the template, which is super-easy. It’s a ready-to-use notebook for penning down the recipes.

The dimensions are 5 by 6.5 inches. This book is small enough to fit in your bag’s pocket. Squeeze it during travels as it will not take much space in your luggage. It must be included in the list of back-to-school supplies for college.


I think the list is stuffed too much with academic items. Let us add something entertaining to relieve your academic stress. Yeah! Headphones are also essential back-to-school supplies for college. They let you enjoy the campus life and save you from feeling dull and dry.

The headphones will accompany you everywhere from the library to the classroom. You will need them for online lectures as well. So the headphones are not just for fun but for fulfilling your educational needs as well.

You can buy focal clear open headphones as these are of premium quality. This one gives a quite sophisticated and chic appearance. You can find colorful ones if you love vibrant colors.


You will have to read a lot at college. And it’s not just the reading. It’s about extracting the important points from the whole page. So here, we have added a highlighter to this checklist. It’s one of the most needed back-to-school supplies for college students.

Keep different colored highlighters to emphasize different points easily. Stabilo Boss original color highlighters come in a set of four which is amazing. The ink dries quickly, even on a glossy page. No mess on your book and notes. The ink is water-based. It means your highlighter tip will not dry even if you forget to put on the cap.


At college, students have a very hectic routine. The hustle and bustle leave you tired at the end of the day. In such circumstances, you ultimately need a refreshing drink to keep yourself fresh. And here comes the need to add a tumbler to the back-to-school supplies for college. Callie’s personalized stainless steel wine tumbler with name and birth flower is what every college student will love.

A birth flower is a true representative of a person’s zodiac sign and personality traits. This tumbler engraves the birth flower to make it unique and symbolic. Make it one-of-a-kind by getting your name engraved on it along with the birth flower.

This tumbler is a multi-functional item as it can also serve as a thermos. We have designed this tumbler with a double layer of vacuum insulation. This practice is done to maintain the temperature of your beverages. Furthermore, your drink will not condense so that no bubbles will be produced on the table.


You can add a printer to back-to-school college supplies to be on the safe side. However, it’s not the essential one on this checklist. You must make assignments in soft form at college and submit a hard copy to your professor. And here comes the need for a printer.

Usually, the colleges have printers installed in computer labs. Every student is allowed to print a specific number of pages. But if you have a lot of stuff to print, investing in a printer is not a bad choice. It will save you from standing in long queues waiting for your turn to take a printout.


Folders come in use when you have to manage millions of papers. At college, your professor is likely to handover you a lot of notes. Therefore, we have added folders to back-to-school supplies for college.

You can build a customized folder for yourself at It lets you add a logo and choose the color of your choice. Also, you can engrave whatever text you want on it. The product’s durability and quality are both assured. And the best thing is that its size is appropriate to hold the standard size printouts.

There are two pockets inside the folder to hold extra papers. It’s wonderful to make a signature folder and carry it at college. Every student will love to use it for sure.


When there are tons of pages around, you need a stapler for sure to keep them organized. Don’t let your pages miss connections. Make a forever connection between your pages with a blush stapler. It is designed for double bound. The body of this stapler gives a sleek look.

It can staple a maximum of twenty pages. The blush color is super-attractive. However, if you want other colors, you can choose from a variety of colors available. And the size is small enough to be stored in your bag. Isn’t it useful enough for college students? Yeah! Go for it.  


Hope this post helped you gather your back-to-school supplies for college. If you are looking for something other than these products, visit our store. We have a wide range of products from which you will find your desired one. Best of luck with your college life!

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