Amazing White Day Gift Ideas With Pictures – Some Funny Gifts included!

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Clicking pictures are the only way to capture beautiful moments forever. Since we can’t go back in time, pictures are the only way to remember those lovely moments. So, why not incorporate a heartfelt picture gift on this day of love.

Here we have some of the best picture gifts for White Day.

Relive Your Memory

Now that we are on the topic of love and pictures, many things can be incorporated to be given as gifts. One such present idea that we have is a very modernized frame that will give your favorite memory a completely realistic look.

Our very own, Custom Acrylic Photo Clear Block. A transparent acrylic block that will enhance your photograph to compliment any space. All you need to do is, upload your picture. That picture will be printed in the highest quality like the polaroid print. Then this piece of your heart will be enclosed in a clear crystal, bringing your favorite memory to life. It’s a shatterproof and durable crystal, so needs the stress of breaking. And to give it an extra personalized touch, you can get a customized message printed as well like a simple I Love You or anything that has a deeper meaning for the two of you.

Give this to your loved one and cherish the memories forever.

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Custom Acrylic Photo Clear Block Valentine's gift

Wear The Memory Around

Another present idea that is a beautiful way to have pictures is an elegant and alluring necklace. She can wear this necklace and always be reminded that you’re with her no matter the distance. This will act as a token of thanks and will lock in the memory.

Our very own, Sterling Silver Padlock Photo Locket Necklace. A state-of-the-art piece of accessory that has tantalizing looks and a romantic feel. A simple link chain with a padlock design as the pendant. But it’s not an ordinary padlock. It’s embellished with shiny stones all around. And you can pick out any material according to their preference and get any heartbeat design printed on the front. Also, the padlock opens into two like a book. One side will have any custom content that you’d like a lovely White Day’s greeting. The other side will hold a photograph that you love. Wow…

Let her wear this necklace, and have a look at the picture anytime you want.

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Photo Padlock Locket Necklace Sterling Silver

Photo Frames Are A Classic

Giving photo frames as a present has become very under-rated. We’re not talking about the wooden frames or the plastic ones which were all the hype. But the whole idea of remembrance of the good times whenever you’d like is an enchanting experience.

At Callie’s, we have a Personalized Mini Metal Photo Reel Print Photo Frame. It’s a metal photo frame that represents a film reel print. But don’t worry, all the sides are polished so there are no sharp edges. It’s a very sturdy yet lightweight metal photo frame that has space for three photographs. So, you can look back and experience the whole feel of that time again and again. Just pick any three photographs and get a romantic message printed on them too. As a bonus, it’s also a very attractive piece of home décor.

A perfect present to hold perfect pictures.

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Personalised Mini Metal Photo Reel Print Photo Frame Home Decor

Let The Feet Do The Talking

Okay, now this is a very interactive and fun present idea. Like if photo frames are not your thing for this White Day, we have come up with a useful gift that screams love and memories in the most light-hearted way.

The Custom Couple Face Socks for White Day is what will enhance your love – haha. They’re some of the comfiest and stretchy socks that are super soft. Made with premium polyester, they sure keep your feet warm in cold weather. It is a funny face sock pair that will have your heartfelt messages all over and both of your faces with heart prints.

Get a hilarious message with a funny pose printed all over the socks, and present it to them this White Day. We are sure they will love it.

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Custom Funny Face Socks


Musical Memories Every Day

Music is a love language that everybody around the globe understands. And when it comes to love, almost everyone has some memories that are associated with a song. And we have mixed these ideas which will display your picture and play the music too.

At Callie’s, Personalized Photo Album Music Record Player. It’s a wooden player mixed with a photo frame, which will play that one song that you’d like. And it’s a record player design that will have your photograph displayed as vinyl. And the needle will have your names cut out. How cool is that…

As a bonus, you can also display how much time it has been of you two being together, in the needle. Like 4 months or 8 years, which will be depicted on the needles with the number 4 or 8 or whatever you’d pick.

So, let this beautiful retro piece speak the love language with the captured memory.

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Personalized Photo Album Music Record Player Anniversary Gift

If you think these above gifts are not enough when it comes to picture presents for White Day, you can visit our store and be amazed by the collection we have. We have made sure that each picture present has a different feel and vibe so you can pick out whatever you’d like.

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